Need woofer repair

Does anyone know of a person (reliable) or company that does speaker driver repairs? I've got two Harbeth C7 Radial woofers that have been replaced because of damaged voice coils. I'm wondering if there is someone who can actually repair them. Thanks in advance, Goners
1422 Taylor Road
Lansdale PA 19446
215 412-7700

Great guy, great prices, excellent work.
Tom, Bill is the finest speaker guy in the country. Your drivers will be returned working in very surprising condition.
Freeman-Tuell, 214-324-1132. in Dallas Well known among both home and pro audio folks. Give em' a call
I've already called Bill at Millersound and am shipping the woofers to him next week. I replaced them with new Harbeth woofers about 4-5 weeks ago but hate to just throw away the old ones.