Nenuphar, 50,000 mile tuneup

I’ve had my Cube Nenuphar for a few years now. They were the demo pair at AXPONA in “19. I drive them with a SIT3. The preamp is an LTA MZ3. VPI Classic TT. Soundsmith Paua cart. Sutherland 2020 phonostage. Triode Wire Labs loom.

I love my system. I can’t imagine it sounding better. Yet it keeps sounding better just the way it is.

And still I have the itch to upgrade.

My dreams are haunted by EMIA Silver phonostages and Murasakino cartridges.

Thales tonearms and Tellerium Q cables. It’s a strange hobby.

It conjures magic and brings profound genius into our rooms.

I just want more.

Whoever coined the term HighFi Heroin nailed it.






“I just want more.”

If you can afford it, go for it. You only live once!

You are lucky to live in a place and time where you can afford such a fine system! Stop your obsessing and enjoy what you have!

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Going from stock mains cables to Triode Wire Labs mains cables was shockingly stark in how much improvement occurred instantaneously.

I am a believer in spending money on cables.

My kids an engineer. He assures me that this is just my imagination.




No matter how badly I want to have some clever comeback.

There is no denying you’re quite right.

Last night I sat up until 2am listening to, and appreciating the gifts of Billy Strings as rendered by my system. Amazing all the way around.