New arm for TW Acustic Raven one

Some advice ladies and gentlemen. I have used the Raven one, the earliest model by the company, since 2008 I believe. I have been using the Ortofon 309D tonearm for most of that time, a good partnership I think. It was recommended this by Thomas the tables designer, if I couldn't afford the Phantom, which I couldn't.

The Ortofon wasn't new when I bought it, now it is failing and the company no longer support maintenance on their arms. So what arm to get now.? I have retired, so am on a tight budget, putting most arms including TW Acustic's own, out of my reach. One answer would be to find a second hand Ortofon, but any other suggestions please, preferably one I can find second hand? Thanks


Origin Live punches way above their price. I had the Illustrious 3 which is supposedly the sweet spot. I believe there is a Mk 4 (newer version) on USAM now.

What's wrong with your Ortofon arm? It may be repairable, depending on the issue. You might want to chat with Steve at VAS.

what are your priorities?

fixed cartridge or removable headshell?

9", anything longer, definitely want 12"?

seems you want/need a 3 hole surface mounted plate like my Mission and my Blackbird which they refer to as ’linn/jelco’,

your 309D’s mounting details from this site. effective length 329mm nearly 13"


Ortofon RS-309D Technical data: (12”)

Effective mass (without headshell) - 4.0 g

Effective length (distance between the stylus and pivot point) - 329 mm

Recommended Mounting distance between the pivot point and turntable center: Ortofon Denmark - 314 mm for conventional cartridges and (SPU G) and 316.6 mm p-to-s for Baerwald alignment Geometry. Ortofon Japan recommends a 311 mm p-to-s.

Offset angle - 19 degrees

Overhang - 15 mm

Tracking force adjusting range (direct reading) - 0-5 g

Height adjustment range - 42-57 mm

Diameter of the armbase mounting hole - 34-36 mm

Diameter of the center shaft - 16 mm

Fixing holes PCD - dia. 50 mm

Size/Thread - dia. 3.2 mm (dia. 3 mm x 20 mm and dia. 3 mm wood screw)

1 x Digital scale DS-1 included

1 x Headshell SH-4 Black included, headshell weight 9.4 g, screws weight 2 g

1 x Tonearm cable included

1 x Mounting template included

How much are you able to do yourself? i.e. enlarge the diameter of the hole in your existing mounting plate? tap new threaded holes in the mounting plate?


I can only recommend what I personally know about. I wanted a long arm, also keep cost down, found, waited, couldn’t forget about it, took a chance and love this 12.5" effective arm. $1,100. usd plus .....

Buying anything from Russia now seems wrong, yet I doubt these guys are responsible for Putin’s immoral aggression.

It’s not removable headshell, but it’s removable mounting plate is much easier than most fixed arms. Overhang and null points adjustments very easy.

They will make a spacer below the base plate if needed for any additional height. I needed 3/8" thick to get high enough for my JVC TT81 spinner which is high above my deck.

Note: I highly recommend the above 5 pin DIN connector above the deck. They also make it with the litz wires un-soldered, also above the deck (my early version). You need a junction box for that, and soldering skills. Go DIN!






I have the 9" Mission version of this 12" Jelco (Jelco made it for Mission). They use Linn/Jelco mount. Removable headshell



Some have surface mounted screws. The one above looks to have threaded holes for machine screws from below. My Mission came like that, I drilled my holes all the way thru and used wood screws from the top into my wood deck.


The problem is the arm fits into a gimball or bearing in it's base which holds it firmly. Well it doesn't hold firm anymore, the arm moves nearly a centimetre on it's base. It still sounds OK, but obviously is not a stable platform for a cartridge.

I should have said, I live in the UK.

TW make mounting plates for any arm, on request. Finding another Ortofon would obviate the cost of having to buy the new plate. It's a good arm, I think Jelco made it for Ortofon. The Distributor for Ortofon is only 10 miles from me, but they say they can not try to repair it.

Consider an Audiomods Series 6.  I currently use a 10.5" version on a Feickert Volare with great results.  It costs about $1700 direct from manufacturer in GB and IMO a great value at that price.  Jeff Spall is very responsive via email and will give you accurate information regarding orders and prospective delivery times.


Good luck!

Ran a 12” Raven arm for a while—nice arm, simple, great bearings, traditional look and feel. Not a fan of the anti-skate—positioned too close to the arm lift. Minor quibble. You may be able to find a 10.5” in your budget try Jeff at High Water Sound. Meant to go with your table. Now using an OL Conqueror MK4 on a different table so no A-B. That said, I like the OL better. Sound is amazing as is engineering and build quality. Like that it is hardwired from end to end with excellent cable. Bearing feel is unbelievable. The Illustrious is probably close for less coin. Good luck!


You might find a new old stock Ortofon arm if you look around the globe.

Also Jelco used to make 12" arms up until covid stopped production, and there are a few new ones still kicking around if you look.

Current production - best bargain in my view is the Audiomods VI from the uk.

They make to order for you.

I put one on a Platine Verdier and it was outstanding - and it is not expensive - less than half the price of the Raven for example.

I'd definitely call Jeff Catalano at High Water Sound. He's the US importer of all

TW Acustic gear. He is VERY resourceful in matching His tables and arms.

In addition , he's a really nice, down to earth guy. I'm sure he can set you up with a good mate for the Raven One. I have a Graham Phantom with my Raven One.

There may be some used Phantoms of similar vintage to your table.


@david12 I have sent to you a Mail it has info' contained that might be of use to your inquiry.

It is a UK based option, it should help as a cost effective option, and also be an option to avoid replacing the Tonearm.