new cary v12 needs new music

i am going to purchase some new music later today so that i can kick back and really appreciatemy newest addition to my system
the cary v12 has been a complete pleasure to listen to thus far, very smooth, utterly engaging and musical, no fatigue whatsoever
the rogue 88 amp the cary replaced was a very nice amp i thoroughly enjoyed owning and listening to, but the cary is a far more refined creature altogether

anyway, i would like to solicit some cd recommendations from the audiogon family.
i enjoy rock, pop, and especially good acoustic ensembles and jazz.
recently i listened to a cyrus chestnut cd and was very taken with the sound
i am also considering adding something from hot tuna or jorma kaukonen to my collection today
i think this may give you an impression of what i have in mind and what i like
widespread panic, gov't mule and dave matthews are also on a short list of mine for todays purchase
i listen to just about everything, so any recommendation is cool

ok, i'll let audiogon speak and i will listen
thanks in advance
I picked up Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men, "Out in California" after reading about it as the Stereophile ROTM. I haven't been able to stop listening to it since I got it, it's fabulous! Very highly recommended!!
I would have two instant reccomendations:
Mark Knopfler "The Ragpicker's Dream"
Johnny Cash "American IV,The Man Comes Around"

Unbelievably good fidelity,
I like Cyrus Chestnut's 'The Darkness Before the Dawn' a lot but Shirley Horn's 'You Won't Forget Me' is still in heavy rotation on my system. Shirley plays as well as she sings. The guest soloists are Miles Davis, Toots Thielmans , Branford and Wynton Marsalis. No wonder.
How about Kevin Mahogany's "Seft Portrait"? Cyrus Chestnut was featured in one of the tracks. This is a must own jazz vocal CD in my opinion. Happy listening!
thanks so far
jond, i really enjoyed the dave alvin and the guilty men
any more suggestions???
88 Basies Street on the JVC label was mentioned in a TAS reveiw and I ran across it on vinyl, if the CD sounds nearly as good it is wonderful. A couple of other CDs I picked up from TAS reveiws that have a high "fun factor" are "Mardi Gras Mambo" by Cubanismo and "Hotel Child" by Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos. Just a change of gears, great sound on both. I like the new Santana better than the last one and it sounds less compressed (to me).
Yes, another great review that led me to a great disc was in Hifi+. The CD is Derrin Nauendorf "Live at the Boardwalk" a live acoustic set with Derrin playing guitar and singing accompanied by a percussionist. Awesome! There is a nine minute Vodoo Child that's amazing and the rest of the tracks are originals. To order the website is I was the first person in the states to get this CD and I've only had it for three days. Well worth the effort.
i wil definitely look for the Derrin Nauendorf...
more recomendations needed please...i really enjoy buying new software this time of year as the holidays approach
All the above recomendations are very nice. I even learned about a few myself. About a week ago, I decided that my CD collection was lacking any Rolling Stones CDs. Yes I have them on vinyl , DVD and even a nice LD. On the Rock music forum at Audio Asylum, was comment that the newest compliation, Fourty Licks had decent sound. I bought it, went home, powered up, flipped the V12i to ultra linear and waited a half hour. I returned, inserted Fourty Licks into my Cary 308T w/Mullard long plates and sat down to listen . The Stones have never sounded this good, even through my HT system. I did try switching to Triode, but lost a little of the dynamics that makes you want to get up and boogie. On the other hand, Diana Krall "Live in Paris" and Patricia Barber "Verse" are better in triode.