New cutting edge cable tech!

I’m currently on a low sodium/low fat diet (and I tend to lick my cables).


Count me out.
Hmm, do you prefer the taste of PVC or Teflon?

While I'm pretty sure this article is satire, I can never be too sure when it comes to some of the crap that gets put out there. I tried to research the company mentioned and found nothing. So I assume satire.. Thoughts?
I had to go back to the top to make sure this article wasn't published on April 1st!
Very interesting...looks like a "Slim Jim" snack.
The old adage, don't knock it until you have tried it.
One assumes the Graphene is added as one would add pepper to squid for seasoning.
I think kielbasa would be most appropriate. Poland is closer to Albania than... wherever slim jims come from. The devil's butt hole?
"Devil’s butt hole" is the romantically glamorous descriptor used by the Albanian Tourism Board.
Never been there and don't intend to go, not even for the excellent audio equipment.


I'm feeling a little "hungry" for a "taste" of Pink Floyd Animals. Perhaps it would sound a little "meatier" with the Organlike cables.