New Funk Firm Achromat Warped

I just got this mat for my SL-1200G and one side is warped. The mat comes with double sided adhesive discs to secure the mat to the platter. However, the adhesive is not able to hold the warped side down. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I purchased it from Music Direct, I will contact them tomorrow.

FYI there is a 1200 specific Funk Firm mat. The platter on the 1200s is slightly smaller diameter therefore a standard mat won't fit inside of the ridges of the platter.  Of course you can place the standard Funk mat on top of the supplied rubber mat as I'm doing. 
Yes, I received the SL1200 mat. Wow, I never thought of placing the FF mat over the rubber mat. That’s a lot of height, but of course the VTA is easily adjustable on the SL1200G. Either way it is still warped.
Ok just checking cuz I didn't know myself until trying and doing some research. 
Putting one mat on top of the rubber mat is absolutely crazy.
This how SAEC SS-300 looks directly on Technics platter, no bubber.
Resonance in the 200-400Hz range is common to most of the rubber mats, they must be avoided. 

P.S. never seen a warped mats, just return it for full refund
Mine is flat but I remember reading about at least one other that arrived warped.I am sure Music Direct will replace it with no issues.
It was shipped in a rather weak bendable cardboard mailer. For $155 It should have been shipped in regular LP packaging. 

I have several of the Funk Firm mats and all of mine are perfect.  I have never needed or used the adhesive discs.

One of my favorite mats.

I agree that you really shouldn't use these on top of another mat.
Was the replacement mat ok?
Just asking cos I went through 3 and they were all warped (5mm thickness ones). However I flattened the last one a bit and have been using it as it really helps in tightening up the bass on my thorens. However the warp when combined with slightly warped records can become audible . I have also measured a negative effect with adjust+ software. The warp worsens speed variations quite considerably. So my problem is that  I really like the bass and added clarity the mat gives but the warp is becoming annoying. Are there any other mats I could try that are not as expensive but yield similar results?

The replacement mat was also warped. Music Direct accepted the second return and we gave up. I now use a Herbies Mat as a did before on my Rega P3-24.
The warps must have something to do with the newer mats?  I have (2) of the 3mm and (2) of the 5mm, all of which are perfectly flat.  I bought these years ago and have never had a problem.
@mofimadness  Yes, I think it is definitely a manufacturing or quality control problem. Also, both times the mat was delivered in a flimsy cardboard package. I told MD that they should ship the mats in regular LP boxes.   
I have a 3 and  a 5mm and both are perfectly flat, no adhesive needed.

The 5mm is only about 18 months old so qc on them was good at that time.

sounds like something has gone sadly wrong.

i actually bought mine from England as even with shipping it was a fair bit cheaper than music direct

Seems there is still a problem with warped Funk Achromats - just received a 5mm version for my SL1200G and warped so only contacting the platter around the inner part of the mat. The mat was shipped in a cardboard sleeve, though this looks like a manufacturing issue rather than shipping.

Very frustrating because I had a 5mm Achromat with the machined lip for my previous 1200GR that was perfectly flat - I sold that with the table thinking it would be better to have the non-lipped version for the flat 1200G platter.😠

I’ve placed the new Achromat under a stack of LP’s to see if it will flatten, but not confident.

BTW, my order was delayed from my dealer as the distributor was waiting on a shipment from the UK - so I expect this is a recently manufactured version.

Something further regarding my dish-warped Achromat. I just read the blurb sheet that came in the cardboard sleeve and it says this:

Occasionally uneven cooling results in minor warping. Like tyres, regrettably the material does not respond to being re-formed.

At least they do say: If your mat is deemed to be warped, let us know, we are happy to replace it.

Guess I'll be sending this one back. Sucks after waiting weeks to receive it. 

Yikes. I ordered a 7mm red one for my SL-1210GR direct from Funk Firm, as I could only find black here in the States. Here's hoping it isn't warped...

If its the 7mm APM you may be better off as I believe that has a glass substate that I'd expect to be flat. The lipped 5mm version I had for my 1200GR was flat and very good sounding IMO - so I think you'll enjoy the results with your GR.

The one I just received was the 5mm standard foamed acrylic mat. As you can see from the pic below its dish warped and contacts the platter only on the label area. I didn't try sticking it down with the Funk supplied adhesive dots as I want to retain the ability to swap mats - plus don't know if the dots would actually hold it down. I think its unreasonable for a rigid turntable mat at this price not be flat - that's a primary criteria in my book. I contacted my dealer and arranging a replacement.

throw it in the dumpster.  ruined the bass on my turntable.  

mats are best used to damp the audible tonearm resonance that can color the midrange.  

the way to test this is to play bass beat music with vocals at higher volume to make the differences more obvious.  

compare bass impact, bass note definition and vocal midrange clarity. 

the achromat on my technics seemed to blur and cancel bass notes, reduce their sharpness and impact and fog the midrange.  

try another, there are clear winners out there for the latest technics tables. 

the achromat on my technics seemed to blur and cancel bass notes, reduce their sharpness and impact and fog the midrange.

That was not my experience with the GR.

FWIW, I received my replacement Achromat and it's perfectly flat.

Sounds great on my Technics G. As with the GR the Achromat enhances midrange clarity, focus and separation of instruments/voices compared to the stock rubber mat - sounds really pop. So my impressions are completely opposite to @avanti1960. Some may prefer the more laid back sound of the rubber mat.

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I received my red APM Achromat from Funk Firm; it is flat. The differences are subtle, but it does improve clarity in the mids and highs. Bass notes are rendered with a bit more texture. One downside is that in order to get the VTA correct with a 180gm LP with my Quintet Black S the tonearm height just makes it when maxed out. I might be able to obtain a bit more flexibility with a headshell other than the Technics. It isn't an issue with the VM760SLC on A-T headshell.

I'll run the Achromat for a while before experimenting with a different mat.

The differences are subtle, but it does improve clarity in the mids and highs. Bass notes are rendered with a bit more texture. 

I don't find the difference (to the stock 3mm rubber mat) subtle at all.  I like  how the clarity extends to instruments at the back of the stage  - increased transparency if you like. There is also much better articulation of instrumental and vocal detail - easier to hear how an instrument is is played and changes with different technique. So lots of nice things happening and not at all in a 'highlighting' sense, it just seems to be doing a better job of allowing the recovery of recorded detail in an uncoloured manner. 

While I don't have a Technics table, I have tried the Achromats on a bunch of different tables.  All with excellent results.

One of my favorite mats...and I'm kind of a "mat"aholic, so I own a lot.