New Funk Firm Achromat Warped

I just got this mat for my SL-1200G and one side is warped. The mat comes with double sided adhesive discs to secure the mat to the platter. However, the adhesive is not able to hold the warped side down. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I purchased it from Music Direct, I will contact them tomorrow.


the achromat on my technics seemed to blur and cancel bass notes, reduce their sharpness and impact and fog the midrange.

That was not my experience with the GR.

FWIW, I received my replacement Achromat and it's perfectly flat.

Sounds great on my Technics G. As with the GR the Achromat enhances midrange clarity, focus and separation of instruments/voices compared to the stock rubber mat - sounds really pop. So my impressions are completely opposite to @avanti1960. Some may prefer the more laid back sound of the rubber mat.

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I received my red APM Achromat from Funk Firm; it is flat. The differences are subtle, but it does improve clarity in the mids and highs. Bass notes are rendered with a bit more texture. One downside is that in order to get the VTA correct with a 180gm LP with my Quintet Black S the tonearm height just makes it when maxed out. I might be able to obtain a bit more flexibility with a headshell other than the Technics. It isn't an issue with the VM760SLC on A-T headshell.

I'll run the Achromat for a while before experimenting with a different mat.