new gilmour album

Looks like David has a new album out. Along with it is a limited tour to US that sold out in 1 day. I tried to get tickets on Friday evening but alas, no luck. Looks like the resale avenue for me. The Endless river was a disappointment but so far, Davids solo work has been good. Hope Rattle that lock is as good as his Island album or Live in Gdansk.
Thanks for the heads up, Oilmanmojo. I hadn't heard of him doing anything new.
Live in Gdansk is fantastic. Phil Manzanera from Roxy Music worked with Gilmour on the new album. Should be great.
I hope to score some tickets to see him in Chicago. I have several of his DVD's from Albert Hall and they are fantastic. One of the few guys i have always wanted to see but never got the chance. Mr Magnifico as David refers to Phil on one of the DVD's is brilliant and complements well with David. Can wait for the release of the album
I would have given a limb or other vital organ to have seen him at Royal Albert Hall in 2005. The DVD is SICK. Gilmour is a total genius and IMO is the greatest rock guitarist of all time. And yes, Endless River sucks ballsÂ…should have left that one off their discography.
For me, it will be like "On An Island"...will take multiple listens to fully enjoy.
I have it as well as his other solo releases, IMO it's good, but not as good as On an Island. This one seems to be more song oriented (geared for I like this song and will download, but not the whole release)