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Happy New Year!List the newest releases and re-issues on CD, Download, EP, LP, SACD, Stream or Vinyl.
I don’t ordinarily go in for colored vinyl LP’s (isn’t black a color? ;-), but this one looks great: the upcoming John Hiatt w/ The Jerry Douglas Band album, Record Store Day edition. The vinyl is a very cool-looking "Coke bottle" green. I’m gettin’ it!
And Barnes & Noble is selling their exclusive version of the LP: the cover signed, the vinyl black & gray splatter. Guess I gotta get both!
Los Lobos, a double-LP album of their new recordings of favorite old songs, some really interesting choices. Oughta be great! 
Bill Evans - Everybody Still Digs (Craft Recordings) 5-CD box set +                              Streaming Options. (June)
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Craft Recordings reissue of John Martyn's 1998 album The Church With One Bell, first time on LP. A July Record Store Day title. 
Now THAT should be interesting @jafant! I didn't much care for Joan Osborne's Dylan-song album, but Maria Muldaur's Heart Of Mine is pretty good

Graham Nash quit The Hollies after unsuccessfully attempting to talk them out of doing an album of all Dylan songs. I guess Graham didn't want to be in a Dylan Tribute Band. ;-)
@bdp24 I’m listening to John Hiatt & Jerry Douglas Band now. & liking what I hear. on CD. NO DRUMS!
Yeah @thepigdog, drums aren’t employed in hardcore Bluegrass music and bands. The mandolin player provides the 2/4 backbeat by playing accented staccato downward strokes in place of a snare drum. I’m real glad Marty Stuart breaks that rule, having the fantastic drummer Harry Stinson in his band The Fabulous Superlatives.

UPS was scheduled to deliver my copy of the Barnes & Noble exclusive version (signed cover, black & gray splatter vinyl) of the Hiatt/Douglas LP today, but it's now delayed until Monday.
@thepigdog: Right you are. Some of Jerry’s albums are what I call Progressive Bluegrass---mostly instrumental, all the musicians of virtuoso caliber, the playing very Jazz influenced. I saw him and his band live a few years back in Portland, and the music that night was Progressive in nature. I prefer his work as a sideman, accompanying a singer. Plus, I love vocal harmonies, usually absent in Progressive Bg.

Progressive Bluegrass usually has the drummer playing a Snare drum with a brush (my fave combination). Good to read the new JH release is a keeper.

Happy Listening!

Dylan turns 80 in a few days. I sure hope he tours in 2022 !!!
Is there a major artist/band that you have not seen on concert?

Happy Listening!
Yep @jafant, there are a couple I missed: Elvis and Moby Grape.

I got to see and hear some of the old guys before they died, like Albert King and Big Joe Turner (his band that night were The Blasters. Dave Alvin was still in the band, and blowing tenor sax was Lee Allen, heard on all the 1950's Little Richard recordings. Fantastic!).

I also got to experience Little Richard's label-mates on Specialty Records, Don (Sugarcane Harris) & Dewey. And that night I had what Levon Helm called "the best seat in the house" : on the drum riser behind them. ;-)