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David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name (50th Anniversary)

Nice! I will check out "Senjutsu". Up The Irons!

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Thanks so much for mentioning the David Crosby/ "If I Could Only Remember My Name" re-issue, J. A.

It's one of my favorites from that era/genre and will definitely be picking up a copy !  


Thank You for the kind words. I receive so many feeds for new re-issues/releases, sometimes, it is a task to track it all. Not a bad problem to have as a Music lover.  

I look forward to your review of the new re-mastered edition.
I am sure that this title has been remastered at least once prior to 2021.

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   Yes, J. A.-- I have the most recent (1 CD + 1 DVD) version. I have no complaints about the sound-- what appeals to me is the prospect of getting to hear more tracks!  

I am looking forward in reading about your impressions/thoughts regarding this 2021 edition.

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Appearing soon at a record store near you:

- Stomping Ground by Dion DiMucci. If you’re not hip to Dion, get with it, man. Dave Edmunds produced his 1989 "comeback" album Yo Frankie, upon which appear k.d. Lang, Lou Reed (a huge fan of Dion), Paul Simon, pianist Chuck Leavell, and a great rhythm section.

Appearing on Stomping Ground are Billy Gibbons, Bruce Springsteen, Boz Scaggs, Eric Clapton, Keb’ Mo, Marcia Ball, Mark Knopfler, Patti Scialfa (a fantastic singer, and a member of Springsteen’s band as well as his wife), Rickie Lee Jones, and the fantastic slide guitarist Sonny Landreth. Nice accompaniment. ;-)

- At My Piano by Brian Wilson. Brian is given a lot of credit for The Beach Boys’ harmonies, as well as his talents at melody writing and arranging. But I have long made the case for his abilities at writing really, really great chord progressions, his use of modulation and inversion. and other sophisticated composition techniques, far above the level of almost all other Rock ’n’ Roll songwriters.

Brian’s "God Only Knows" is as always a harmony-feast, but the heavy production (employing all the members of The Wrecking Crew studio recording band) and multiple harmony vocal parts make hearing the song’s chords and their harmonic/modulated/inverted movement difficult. You have to listen "through" the dense sounds piled on top of the piano part, played by Brian. I am hoping and assuming At My Piano---Brian playing his songs alone, without instrumental accompaniment and/or vocals, both melody and harmonies--will rectify that situation. Awesome!

- All The Good Times by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Originally released in a limited pressing available only through their website, this album will now be available everywhere good music is sold.

And for comic relief, a Christmas album from Billy Idol. Maybe he figured if Dylan could do one, so could he. I predict it sucks.

Yes! this is a great re-issue on CD and LP.  I own the original 3-CD set from the 1990's. The new edition is 8-CDs.

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Two by Lucinda Williams:

- Lu’s Jukebox Volume 3: Bob’s Back Pages: A Night Of Bob Dylan Songs.

- Lu’s Jukebox Volume 4: Funny How Time Slips Away: A Night Of 60’s Country Classics.

Both albums feature excellent song choices; I can’t wait to hear what Lu does with them. I also hope her recovery from her stroke earlier in the year is progressing well.

My pleasure. I am sure that I cannot catch every new release out there?
Good to see other's participation.

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