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Lyle Lovett's Joshua Judges Ruth on LP, street date tomorrow (February 10th).



I am looking forward to our suggestions this year!


Happy Listening!

Robbie Fulks: Bluegrass Vacation, on LP and CD. Guests include Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, Tim O’Brien, Alison Browne, Ronnie McCoury, and John Cowan. Wow!

Robbie’s upcoming tour includes a show at The Polaris Hall In Portland (Oregon) on April 29th (tickets are only $22! A benefit of liking cult-audience music is very low ticket prices, as well as shows in small venues. The last large-venue show I attended was The Stones at The Staples Center in L.A., and I vowed to never attend one again.) . If you attend, come on up to me (I’ll be the oldish longhair. But I ain’t no hippie ;-) and say "Hey". I’ll let ya buy me a drink---Johnny Walker Black, please ;-) .

Los Lobos are in town on March 22nd at Revolution Hall, tickets $45. One of the very best bands in the world! That's where I saw The Jerry Douglas Band on their last tour. Virtuoso musicians, but not enough singing for me. And the music was in the Bluegrass/Jazz fusion genre, not a favorite of mine.

On March 24th, Light In The Attic will release the reissue of the legendary (and hard to find) album In My Own Time by Karen Dalton. I didn't hear about or see it back in 1971, and have been waiting a long time to finally do so. Read all about her and it in the pre-order release listing on Amazon.

My list will be fairly obscure, with mostly progressive, experimental and avant-garde leaning bands and material. 

So, YMMV...

I will be back with even more. 2023 has started out pretty strongly for progressive genres of music (jazz, rock, classical) so far.

Billie Bottle's Temple of Shibboleth / a VERY creative mix of progressive jazz, avant-garde prog, with some skewed pop sensibilities. 

Zopp - Dominion / Extremely good contemporary British prog band steeped in the Canterbury style. Like: Hatfield and the North, National Health, Soft Machine, etc. Killer!

Mike  Keneally - The Thing That Knowledge Can't Eat / A bit more on the commercial sounding side for Zappa alumni, Keneally. But still creative. Not to mention Keneally's frightening levels of musicianship.

Scherani - Everything's Changing / Excellent classic sounding Italian prog band. Loaded with beautiful melodies. Touches on chamber-prog at times. 

Manna/Mirage - Autobiographie / US band also in the Canterbury prog subgenre. Along with  David Newhouse's earlier band, The Muffins, no US band does this style better. 


Solti in Europe (Decca 47 discs) - release date March 31, 2023

Decca presents the third in a trilogy of Solti releases which compliments the Solti/Chicago & Solti/London boxed sets . Solti (in) Europe. 45 CDs + 2 DVDs from his very first recording on Decca (as a pianist in 1947) to his last studio album made three months before his death (which were his very first recordings made in his native Hungary with Hungarian musicians).

The new orchestral Eva Cassidy album I CAN ONLY BE ME is released 3rd March 2023





I am looking forward to your list of Hard Rock and METAL! Releases.


Happy Listening!

enslaved - heimdal  mar 3


in flames -foregone

sortilege - apocalypso

saxon - more inspirations  cover album

powerwolf - interludium  apr 7

paul Gilbert - the Dio album  apr

LA guns - black diamonds


mezzro - summon thy demons

savage grace - sign of the cross may 4

Alcatraz - take no prisoners  may 10