NEW Pre Amp Processor - Narrowing down the list

I am hoping that the non-response to my earlier request was due to my lame subject title, so I am trying again. I would really like your opinions. I am getting very close to closing a deal on the EAD.
I am looking to upgrade the pre amp processor. Here's what I have them narrowed down to:

Krell HTS
Accuphase CX 260
Classe SSP 75
Anthem AVM 20
EAD Theatremaster 8000

I have a Classe CA300 amp driving Innersound ISIS. I have a multichannel amp driving the center and surrounds. I don't even want to get into what those are, because you guys would start tearing up that part of the chain and I don't have the money to worry about the rest of it yet. I am looking to spend between $3K-$4K.
I am mostly interested in the 2CH sound and not so much all the snazzy features for HT craziness. I love details and mid range - very warm musical sounds. If anyone has "ears-on" experience with any of these three, I would love to hear your opinions.

Thanks in advance,
I have not heard all of the models listed above, but do have some experience with the Krell, Classe, and Anthem. Since I don't know the details of the rest of your system, I will base my advice solely on your comments above, and my own listening experiences. To get quickly to the point, I would be inclined to buy the Classe SSP 75, which I think will do the best job meeting your objectives. The only negative comment I have heard from some Audiogon owners of this unit concerns reliability. You may want to look back through the archives to see if there is any persistent theme.
Given your stated primary interest in 2CH, suggest the Aragon Soundstage. Original list was $4k and have seen them in the classifieds for $1500-$2000. Will provide all you need for HT and the analog pre is essentially their well regarded Aurum. Can be upgraded to their latest, the Stage One later if you ever feel the need.

Has full analog pass-through, so your vinyl, SACD, and/or high quality external dac are not converted by the Soundstage's internal dacs. Many manufacturers don't provide this for some reason, which is a must for someone who's primary interest is stereo, IMHO. Not familiar with the pre-pros you've listed to know if they provide it.

With the money saved out of your budget by this approach you may be able to do some of the upgrades of other parts of your system that you want to accomplish.
I will only be of limited help since I have not auditioned all on your list, but did have one observation. If you like warm & musical sounds, I wouldn't pursue the Krell, which I felt leaned more toward dynamics and details (and has done so traditionally too).

Good luck,
I have the EAD TheaterMaster 8 combined with a PM 1000. The combo provides a warm and musical sound, the PM 1000 was warmer with better midrange and bass than the citation 7.1. The TM 8 provided a richer, warmer sound with a little more detail than my the Denon AVP-8000. The TM 8 does not do AV-switching. If you have a need for that make sure the TM 8000 will meet your needs. With that exception I really enjoy the combination. EAD appears to be moving/changing ownership again.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. Scott, I almost bought an ssp75, but decided to go with the EAD.

Jacob, I don't know if you have heard Krell lately, but I thought that I would NEVER say this, but they are much more musical than in the past. I have NEVER been a Krell fan because I thought that they were too sterile, but the new gear is warmer. For grins one Saturday, go down and audition some. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Tara Labs bought EAD and now they are back on track with their order fulfillment. By the way, I just ordered the EAD TM8000 and the lead time is only 1 week!

It seems to be the industry trend for these companies to continue to make it through the recession. I am just glad that they are getting creative in how to keep the doors open.
and GMB4th, a rack of this gear would look magnificent. The machining on the metal is awesome! Who knows, I may be looking at the PM next....

I have a Lexicon MC1 and an EAD Signature processor. The MC1 is really good for movies but the EAD is much better for music. I recently had the EAD upgraded from a LCD to a blue VFD display that your unit will have. EAD's customer service is excellent. I think you'll like the EAD.
Enjoy your new toy.
thanks, Sfstereo! I am excited. This is really my first big purchase and upgrade. (does the SF stand for San Fran?) -aj
Yes, I live in San Fran but not related to SF Stereo, the high end shop. Let us know the EAD is.