New Technics SL-1200GR2

What a time to be alive - more innovation and refinement from one of the worlds best!  I've been rocking an original fully upgraded KAB unit for a while, but be told the new units have always piqued my interest.  Seems like they spent time and effort to improve the drive system mainly.  Wondering if anyone had a chance to look through the specs? 



The GR2 is new and has not been reviewed.  I have not heard it.  My comments must be interpolated by you and I hope they help.  I had a fully KAB upgraded SL1200, which I am assuming is similar to yours.  When the new SL-1200GAE came out I traded for one.  The GAE in terms of form, fit and function is pretty much a match for the current G.  So it is twice the price of the GR2 that you are looking at.  Looking at my notes from back when I made the trade, the GAE was an improvement over the KAB SL1200, but the differences were subtle.  There was slightly greater clarity particularly in the upper mids, for example on piano that I attributed to the arm.  The arm of the GAE/G is magnesium.  The arm on both the KAB/SL1200 and on the GR2 are aluminum.  You need to reflect on that fact.  I could detect no cogging from either tt, nor could I really detect any significant differences in speed stability, wow & flutter and the like.  The GAE was better, but not by leaps and bounds. My guess is that a GR2 and your KAB modded unit would be very similar in performance. 





Why not write Kevin and get his thoughts. I am sure many here would like to know what he thinks.

Bill / Elliot -- you guys read my mind.  

@billstevenson :  I don't think there are many with your direct experience with both.  I appreciate your thoughts.  Truth is, when the new line of 1200 were announced, I was itching for an upgrade.  I've modded mine over the past many years and it's all DIY (pretty good DIYer imo ;)).  So, it was nice to think that all the upgrades were 'built in' from the factory.  In the end, I opted to wait.  

I'm quite happy with the KAB 1200 - it fits the bill for now.  though, I'm always looking for the next platform to build upon.    

I read a lot of good things about the Technics brand. When did they really up their game? I remember back when they were a RadioShack brand and just ok. I believe they were manufactured by Panasonic and maybe others back then.


while I currently am not running a Turntable in my system, I know that every 1200 has been a solid contender!

All the best.

It would behoove some of you to do some research on Technics history. They’ve made some state of the art TT s since the 1970s, like the SP10, the SP10 mk2 and 2A, and the TOTL SP10mk3 (only lately superseded by the SP10R), along with the venerable and flexible SL1200 series, which was marketed in various guises for various kinds of use. No matter how you modify an excellent late model SL1200, it can never be a G series, because the latter has many integral features, like a coreless motor and upgraded platter and chassis, that aftermarket sources can’t supply. Whether you can hear those differences is a different question but will always be a subjective one.

OK, I have an modded 1200mk2 since the early 80s & also have the GAE. I’ve done an arm swap on the GAE with an SME 309 & installed the GAE arm on my 1200, very noticeable difference over the stck arm w/wire upgrade. Now @billstevenson wrote was fact about the GR2s arm, & the new motor. I wouldn’t think anyone would hear a difference if you did a ’’full’’ KAB upgrade & changed the arm on a MK2. I also have an EMT 948 but can’t compare the both units, unless I could use the same cart & preamp, which is not worth going to the trouble to Mod the EMT. I LOVE both units! Rite now I’m using the GAE for Mono (cost effective) & my opinion is if you had to upgrade the GR2, you might as well buy a used G.

lewm is right on: check the specs of various models here,

low priced radio shack models were a different category.



@danmar123 , et. al.  :  Agree w/ general assessments and recommendations.  I don't think the GR/GR2 would offer much over a fully upgraded KAB.  I view them as equals.  Now, a G on the other hand...  I'd view this as a definite upgrade.  I wonder though, wouldn't you be tapped out in terms of upgrades once you go with the 4k G? 

I like products that have an entry point and then offer various paths toward upgrades.  The Rega line I think does a wonderful job.    

Does anyone know where the new GR2 is made? I recently read that the G manufacturing was moved from Japan to Indonesia. I own a stock 1200G (I only upgraded the mat) and I absolutely love it. 

@yyman23 Old news! Malaysia!

Greetings Technics Dealers,

I’d like to express our appreciation for your strong support and contribution to the continuing sales of Technics products.

This notice is to inform you that Panasonic has decided to relocate the production of Technics products currently manufactured in Utsunomiya, Japan, to our Malaysia production facilities effective April 1, 2021. This move will strengthen our logistics management by concentrating all our production resources to one facility while strengthening our competitive edge. The models involved are as follows: SL-1200GR/SL-1210GR/SL-1200G/SP-10R/SL-1000R

This change will enhance our Technics production and engineering. This process incorporates the most up-to-date technology standards and state-of-the-art mechanical manufacturing, which will ensure that the renowned Technics attention to detail will remain unchanged resulting in product quality that satisfies our most discriminating critics. As you may recall, our Malaysia factory has been manufacturing other fine products like the SC-C70MK2/SC-C30/SC-C50/SL-1200MK7/SL-1500C/SU-G700/SL-G700 and the new SU-R1000.

While we have paid due diligence to deliver as much product as possible from the Utsunomiya factory, the earliest arrivals from the new Malaysia factory will likely be end of May to mid-June. Please bear with us through the transition. The sales team will continue to provide details on your existing order fulfillment as they are informed.


Thank you! For some reason I thought it was Indonesia.

Maybe I confused it with Canon cameras... 

The GAE was really EPIC. Every system is so vastly different in ways that one cannot fully comprehend till you start working in it. Room size, speaker size, phono pre-amps capabilities, etc. Owning a store I got to experience the GAE in my home by making a few mods, adding an isolation platform, isolating the cable, etc. I still have my GAE as Technics was my first turntable. One just develops a soft spot as it brings back memories of my JBL speakers, standing in line for the U2 release at Tower Records with about 3,000 other like-minded kids. I loved it so much that I saved 2 units of brand-spanking new SL-1200GAE in sealed boxes wrapped in shrink wrap. Call me crazy. 

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