New to the B&W 801D4

Just took delivery of the 801's and looking for amplification ideas. Currently using BHK 300's with MSB Discrete running direct into the BHKs. Overall relatively pleased with this combo but looking to gain that last bit of control and imaging. I have a reasonably large listening room i.e. 30 x22 with 8ft ceilings. Having researched the various online threads / reviews seems all I see are the usual suspects ..  Classe Delta, Mcintosh etc. I auditioned with MSB S202, and smaller Vitus integrated.  Any other owners out there have good experiences with SS or tube gear in the $30k range?




B&W 800 series speakers love power. Add Pass Labs X600.8 mono amps to your list. Also, I am sure the MSB preamp section is decent but if you want better layering, better soundstage and more natural sound, consider adding a good linestage in the future, solid state or tube. 

I would probably add a preamp before I changed amplifiers. That might be a better result. Those are good amps by most accounts.


I auditioned the D4s powered by a Luxman D10X—glorious sound, detailed but not overly analytical. Vocals were warm and eerily lifelike. I'm unsure of your listening levels, but your room is the size of a basketball court! B&W needs power to sound their best. 

Aside from Luxman, I think McIntosh will adequately power them and provide tremendous midbass/bass. I have a pair of MC611s powering a pair of KEF Reference 1s. These little guys are a nightmarish load to drive, but the 611s can easily drive them. Within your budget, don't overlook the MC 1.25KW amp. That would be my choice without question. Looks cool too!