New V-CAP CuTF capacitor

V-CAP has just released a new capacitor - CuTF - copper foil/teflon that they feel is the cat's meow. Apparently a lot of R&D went into it, per their website. It is more expensive than the TFTF but appears to promise the "soul of music" inherent in copper. I've been quite happy with the TFTF (tinfoil/teflon) caps I put in my BAT VK150SE amps but have decided to take the plunge with this new cap. Will post results in the near future.
1 - CuTF is the best cap (1 uF or less) in the world.
3 - Very similar in sonic signature to Mudorf Gold/Silver/Oil but better.
3 - Designed for tube application mostly i.e. with high voltage and therefore rather large size.
4 - Expensive!
I have the TFTF caps 4 0.22, 2 0.33 both at 600V and they sound splendid. I am tempted also.........
The largest Vcap CuTF cap is .33uf.

.47uf should be available soon and 1uf will be available eventually.

Any impressions so far?
I am using the .22 uf CuTF as coupling caps in my BAT 150SE amps. They replaced the TFTF caps which themselves were a big improvement over the stock caps. Now in comparison, the TFTF caps seem more clinical compared to the CuTF caps. The highs are smoother, the midrange fuller and more lush, and the overall sound is more involving and musical. The best of a copper PIO combined with the best of teflon.
"...I am using the .22 uf CuTF as coupling caps in my BAT 150SE amps "

Hello Rgurney: Can you please clarify if you use your CuTF caps as coupling or as its bypass.

I used these caps in output cap position in some equipment and bypass in other, in my own system - truly exceptional cap, exactly as I wrote above.

Thank you.

I wonder if these new V-cap coppers require as long a break-in as the TFTF caps?
"if these new V-cap coppers require as long a break-in as the TFTF caps "

Much longer. I have them for a few hundred of hours and they still improving and improving...

All The Best
This is not the first time I've heard the CuTF compared to the Mundorf S/G/O. While the Mundorf is obviously a nice sounding (not to mention detailed, etc.) cap, I find the sonic signature quite laid back (almost recessed) and lacking body in the mids. I find the TFTF to be more neutral (notice I didn't say "natural") in the mids. How do the highs compare between the two caps? In some situations I find the TFTF slightly rolled off (subdued)in the extreme treble. Certainly compared to the Mundorf S/G/O.

Comments? More observations?
The CuTf is a great bypass for use on woofers, it does the same thing as the TnTf - blacker background with less low level noise that allows for more detail retreival - but also adds wonderful body and weight to midrange.

I build a speaker that uses the RAAL 70-20XR and a C-Quenze 18H. I've been able to use it on the woofer and it worked wonderfully, but haven't had a chance yet to try it on the tweeter.