New York Stereo show at Park Lane Hotel

Who is going it will only take 3 hrs to see the entire show.The people putting on the show had no ad in Stereophile or Absolute Sound.Hope to see some of you there.
First time hearing about it; thanks for the intel. Will check out who's exhibiting and decide on that basis....
Ebm posted.
Thanks Much. I'll try to sneak if plans will match for another short NYC trip.
Best of show Alta speakers Krell mono amp Solution preamp.Second best Eggleston Speakers Triangle Art turntable,preamp and amp.Wonderful sound also at Bache Audio speakers,Alexus Audio preamp and power amp wonderful natural musical sound.A small show with some good sounding rooms.Enjoy
Unfortunately, a REALLY bad show.  Not the worst I've visited, that honor goes to the year the show returned to NYC.  But this came in second place.  I felt happy hearing well the Capitol Audio Fest went off, which I should have drove down to, and provide provided some hope things stood less dire than it appeared in NYC.

Have a lot of notes.  In the past, I've written threads to convey my feelings.  Not sure if I have the time or not, but I'm thinking about doing so
Just got back. Best of show tie:
Triangle Art electronics/Eggleston Viginti and Luxman w/ 300B tube amp and electronics and Triangle speakers.

Second best:
Krell/Alta tied with Accuphase/Soulution/Piega with spectacular Reed turntable

Most sought after item: Reed turntable
This show had no ads as this Chester Group is very cheap and put on mediocre shows 27 rooms are they joking!!!
I was there on Saturday. As I've found with every show I've attended, better for looking and chatting with folks than listening. The sound in most rooms ranged from mediocre to poor. I'm not sure why anyone would do a "live" display of equipment with retail pricing at this level (total system costs exceeding $100K) in a tiny hotel room with people crammed together and often talking over the music. And we wonder why "normal" people don't get it? If I came in off the street or with an audiophile friend who was trying to "convert" me I'd walk away quietly scratching my head. The worst sounding systems were often the most expensive, with enormous speakers designed for spaces 5-10 times larger than the rooms at the Park Lane. Lots of poorly defined bass, limited spaciousness, colored sound. Musical selections often highlighted sonic aberrations or simply drove me out of the room. I thought the show organizers (Chester Group) did a lousy job organizing this as well--a freezing cold day in the city and no coat check? I loved squeezing by everyone with my winter coat and bag of LPs. Most folks just left their gear on and sweated it out--fun! Three floors reserved and none of them fully subscribed--the third floor was nearly empty. (How about one of those empty rooms left open so people could dump their coats?). I know, I'll stop. I thought the Woodbridge Stereo room with the Martin Logan stat hybrids sounded pretty good, as did the simple Fidelis system with the Harbeth Monitor 30.2s. That's how a room should be done at these shows--keep it small and simple, create space around the speakers, keep the price at "sane" levels, and play real music that people actually enjoy. OK, I'm done..... 
I'm thinking about starting a thread to post my thoughts from the show.  The hesitation is that it's going to upset a whole lot of people.

Any thoughts?
Do it if you want to offer up your findings and perhaps start some discussion. Don’t do it if you are worried about upsetting people.

All else I can say is it will not bother me. Everyone has their own insights and opinions that some may find useful. Can’t please all the people all the time.
In its heyday the CES in Chicago was a great experience.  At McCormick Place most of the larger, more mainstream companies were there and many of the higher end audio companies were in rooms at surrounding hotels.  I once had the honor to be in a room at the Drake when the Advent Videobeam was introduced.  Watched a tape of Blazing Saddles with some great peole from Advent, and some decent food and wine.  A good memory.