No HDMI out from 4K 85" Sony

HDMI from the Sony TV goes to a Bryston SP3 processor, but the SP3 sees no HDMI input and consequently there is no audio.  All the HDMI ports of the TV seem to be inputs, even HDMI 3 (eARC).  Video input to the TV via HDMI from the Ayre DX-5 DSD disc player works fine.  Is there a switch that needs to be set for HDMI output?

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Maybe something to do with ARC or digital audio settings.  Try tuning ARC off in the Sony

My smart TV (LG) seems to have the same problem. I haven’t really dug into it.

I stream with an HT streamer which I send to my HT reciever and then just use my smart TV as a monitor.

For watching 2 channel TV (most shows are not in surround sound) I run a Toslink cable out to my sound system.  So I can conveniently stream 2 channel sound through my TV and not even turn the HT reciever on.  For multiple channel sound I use the HT streamer and HT reciever.

I’ll look into what @erik_squires posted. Don’t know what CEC is.



For some reason on my LG eARC won’t work without it. CEC is the mechanism that allows the TV to control other devices via the HDMI cable. Like turning the TV off also turns off my HT receiver.

It also includes volume control data, so when I hit up/down on my TV remote the receiver volume changes. Perhaps that’s why CEC is a per-requisite to having eARC working.


So you would think that enabling eARC would automatically enable CEC, right?  Well it doesn't, at least on mine.

Sony support confirms both ends need to be eARC.  An option is optical, but that may not provide better sound than the surprisingly good sound with the Sony speakers, although I think it could provide surround,  I'll give it a try.


As an aside, I was a bit disappointed the beautiful 85" video didn't quite have the impact of the 100" 1080p projection it replaced.  I'll keep my Stewart screen.  Maybe someday the price of 4K projectors will come down.


Got it working as you describe....not sure I'll keep it this way as it is more convenient to leave my 2 channel sound playing through my main system for occasional TV...but good to know I've got it working. thanks.

@carlsbad2 Great!


Sadly this will not work for processors/receivers which don't support eARC like the OP.

With copyright and piracy laws changing constantly the lawyers have more to do with technology being released than the engineers do. If you are stuck in some kind of "hook up" middle ground look into a company called HDFury they definitely have what you are looking for including ARC/eARC, good luck. Cheers


@dbphd I recently had to deal with this same issue on a Samsung TV. The solution was to turn off all the CEC/eARC toggles, then turn them back on again. There are two toggles in the "Audio" section and one hidden in the "General" section of the Samsung TV settings. That last one was the reason this project took me way too long.

I ultimately prefer HDMI vs tosklin for audio out from a TV because the former allows me to use one remote to power everything on/off, adjust volume, and search for content. I have 3 devices (video streamer --> TV --> audio system), and I love using the remote from the video streamer to control everything.

I may have found just what i need.  It appears as though a $50 device from OREI takes in eARC from a TV and outputs HDMI to a non-eARC processor.  That seems too good to be true, but I'll try it.