No playback from my MacBook Pro to Bricasti M1

My digital front end consist of a Sim Neo 260D transport via balanced AES cable and a MacBook Pro via USB into a Bricasti M1 DAC. Until very recently everything worked great, but now I can't get any playback via the MacBook Pro (cd works perfectly). I tried a different AES cable without any result. 

The M1 no longer recognizes the M1, thus sound only comes out of the MacBook pro's own internal speakers which obviously isn't what I'm looking for. Said another way, the M1 no longer shows up on the MacBook pro's list of available devices.

Anyone encounter this sort of issue? I've reached out to Bricasti and await their response but in the interim- HELP! Your thoughts are appreciated! 
Your Macbook Pro probably reset to the external speakers. It happened to me a long time ago. If I remember you go into the Macbook audio settings and set it appropriately.

Went into system preferences then sound on the MacBook Pro - it's not letting me do anything but the internal speakers 

Checking out the specs of the M1 online there appears to be a Toslink/optical input. Have you tried going from the Macbook to the M1 via a miniToslink to Toslink cable from the headphone/optical jack, or tried a different USB cable if that's your preferred way to link the two?
Apple O/S system updates often cause this problem. One of the many reasons I was happy to get the Mac out of my system.
Try disconnecting the cable, rebooting both devices and then reconnecting the cable. Go back to Sound and see if it reappears in the list. If that doesn't work, call Apple support because it could be a hidden file that got corrupted or something similar that you'd never find on your own. Worst case you will have to reinstall your O/S. Frustrating stuff! Cheers,
Spoke to Apple- went through a few things- My USB ports work and I was told they sort of see something but not communicating. Between Apple and Bricasti I'm sure this will get sorted out. 
Based on the above, it seems maybe some of your MAC's settings are incorrect. The link below is from Ayre Acoustics and should be helpful in reviewing your MAC settings to output to your Bricasti DAC:.

The above link references the Sound settings and also the Audio MiDi setup settings.  It is possible that some software upgrade might of changed these settings.   

Please let us know if any of the above work.

In addition to the above Ayre link, Audioquest publishes an excellent computer audio setup guide that is a quick and valuable tool to help you get your computer and your stereo system on speaking terms. It is specifically written to get iTunes working, be it in an Apple or Windows world.   It includes several screen shots to help you find the right settings.  Please see this link:

This link is very similar to the Ayre link so I suggest you check both web sites to ensure your Mac settings are correct.   I use to have a MAC Book Pro Computer connected to my Bricasti M1 DAC and it worked fine.   I recently replaced the MAC with an Aurender N10 Music Server.

Please verify the input selection source on your Bricasti DAC matches the output cable you are using.   Based on the above, I believe you are using an USB connection so please confirm this is the input selection selected on the Bricasti.   I also suggest you turn the Bricasti DAC on before you turn on the Mac Book computer.     Please keep us posted.

Followed the Ayre set up- the Bricasti just does not appear as an available device
I switched from apple to a dedicated pc computer and never had problems with Bricasti. I like the sound better as well
zavato:  I do not understand why your MAC Computer is not recognizing your Bricasti DAC (it should).   Since you followed the Ayre DAC setup instructions, and your MAC computer is still not recognizing your Bricasti DAC, I do not know where to go next.  

Please confirm the USB cable you are using works and that it is fully connected at both ends (sorry, I have to ask).  If possible, you might try a different USB cable.  Please double check that all your settings are correct.  

>> I emailed my Bricasti contact and requested he contact you to help solve your problem.   He already responded and said "If Zavota left us an email or phone number, we will get in touch with him on Monday to see what the trouble is".   Please call their main phone number on Monday.  Please keep me posted.  

Hi Zavato:  I received an email from Bricasti for your immediate action.   Please call the phone number I gave you and give Damon the serial number of your M1 DAC and your phone number so he can contact you directly.   cheers. Howard
I wound up speaking to Brian at Bricasti- called from work. He was already aware of my M1 issue. He suggested I ship the M1 to their factory. It's going out tomorrow-  
I would start with an SMC reset - May not work for sure, but an easy thing to try and has solved issues for my in the past.

NVRAM reset would be another thing to try if that doesn't do it

Best of luck we all know that it can be frustrating

My M1 in now en route to Bricasti- when I get a diagnosis I will update- this all is making me consider an Aurender player because somehow I think my M1 got zapped by my MacBook Pro
I shipped my M1 yesterday and in record time, my M1 is now on its way back to me (helps that Bricasti is nearby). No hardware damage but the software was corrupted! The repair was to instal new (and latest) software. My M1 will be delivered tomorrow! Amazing and I want to thank the folks here and the folks at Bricasti for their great assistance. 
It works!!!!!!!!!  Bricasti rocks!  Sent the M1 to Bricasti on Tuesday; it arrived on Wednesday and was repaired and shipped back on Wednesday. Got it this morning, just connected it all up and man oh man, it's 100% 

That was record time!  So glad that you were able to not only troubleshoot the issue but get it resolved so quickly.


New record time for a successful audio repair. Of course it helps that I'm close to Massachusetts. But still- Bricast received, diagnosed, repaired and shipped back my M1 all in one day. The M1 spent more time with Fed Ex than with Bricasti. Shades of old school  Maytag. 
Yep, I recently upgraded my Bricasti M1 to the SE version. It was sent all the way from Australia, Brian and his team made a super effort in getting a short turn around time (considering it was Xmas period).
If only all the other high end audio manufacturers are this good in their responses.
I've had exceptional and speedy service over the years from Bryston and Pass in addition to Bricasti. My Linn gear has never needed to be repaired, which is great too-