Non-violent, non-misogynistic hip hop for MC

Hi Chuck,

I noticed in the “female representation” thread over there that you brought up (again) there is no such thing g as hip hop without misogyny and violence. This not meant to start a fight, but just think people shouldn’t judge absolutely, even when based on their own experience, because there is always more to learn. I respect your approach to many things on this forum, so I thought I’d share some of MY experience with the genre. Here are a small handful off the top of my head:

Lyrics to the last one, by KRS One...

There were two patients laying in the hospital

They shared the same room, both fighting health obstacles

The first patient had his bed by the window

He could see outside and feel how the wind blow

The second patient, his bed was by the wall

No window, he couldn't see nothing at all

So in summary there was no sun to see

He was laying in the dark looking for recovery

He could see the other patients looking outside

And jealousy took over his pride, he couldn't hide

He said to the patient by the window

"Hey! Tell me what you see outside there today"

The patient by the window started saying

"I see people walking, talking, I see children playing"

"Cars going by with the booming systems"

But the patient by the wall could only lay and listen

Bedridden, he couldn't see it for himself

But the descriptions he was given was improving his health

Everyday the patient by the window would say what he saw

And everyday the patient by the wall wanted more

But what he wanted even more instead

Was to be in the patient by the window's bed

He wanted the same bed that the patient had

If he could just exchange beds it would make him glad

So one day the patient by the window was gone

And the patient by the wall knew something was wrong

But he still asked the nurse if he could be first

To get the bed by the window, and what's worse

He did get the bed by the window

But the shock instead was a wall full of brick stone

No cars, no people, no scenery

No light, no flowers, no greenery at all

It was like just a brick wall facing the window

He said to the nurse "I was tricked, yo"

The nurse said "Tricked? You'll be fine"

But a view of a brick wall he didn't have in mind

And what really blew his mind

Is when the nurse said, "Cheer up

The previous patient, he was blind"

He realized right at that time

You create your reality, the world is mind

BROKEN RECORD, already...

Who cares?

An army of ONE, that acts like it’s the size of CHINA!

Worry about those lyrics.


Besides if I, MC and a bunch of folks were in the same room, including YOU, OP, we’d be dancing anyways...

You folks are far to serious.. I had 16 heart attacks last year...

I'm kinda jealous, ol MC can get that much rental space FREE inside so many folks HEADS..
Pretty cool trick.. Should teach classes. Maybe I'll pay better attention.. LOL

Easy does it... :-)
Give it a rest...

Why on earth would someone devote a thread to anyone on music preference? 

Redirect your weirdness /passive aggressive behavior to actual audio gear. Direct message if your THAT consumed with them.
Oh this takes no space in my head, it took all of 2 minutes of copy/paste. Simply made a separate thread because the previous ones were deleted, the only replies to the challenge were some French song and Bob Dylan (which is a micro-aggression in itself) and I didn’t want cross pollute the streams by replying about this in the sexism thread.

About those particular lyrics being unoriginal; sure maybe, not debating derivatives or appropriation here, that’s a different can of worms.

Anyway, no negative intentions here, and not meant offend anyone’s taste – I posted out of positivity for artists and sharing their creations that were being thrown out with the bath water. You can smear it if you like, just don’t think it’s fair (and not even in sync with the general wealth of knowledge that MC offers) to wholly dismiss a genre, whether it’s a preference or not.

And finally, you’re all right... redirecting time to audio discussions, something we agree on. I personally come here for knowledge and learn a lot from MC and you all, my mind to many things that come from YOUR experience with audio, so if I can contribute something that I have some knowledge about, I’m happy to!
OMG you are right! Rap isn't racist, misogynistic profane drug and gangsta glorifying, it is Plato's Allegory of the Cave! Rap is philosophy! Probably the stuff about b-----s and h-'s  and crack and n----s popping a cap in a cops --- is just too deeply intellectual and beyond my comprehension. I have so been missing out. Thank you so much for enlightening me.
You said ALL rap. As absolute as your usual drivel. 
Now you’re just talking like a genius.
I must say that I have a certain amount of pride for opening up this Rap can of worms. The first thread, “Why Rap?” that was removed as were the two that followed, was intended to open up on inquiry into what Rap is interesting from a musical perspective.
I am still quite new to the world of HipHop but have discovered several LPs that I consider masterpieces. Like anything, these works have positive and negative aspects. In these cases, the positive far outweighs the negative. Surely, the most negative in the world of HipHop are the offensive intentions. However, I have come to understand that these often offensive parts are central to HipHip culture using offensive words as a part of the jargon. And the frequent negative intentions reflect an expression of the realities of the HipHop world. This realization comes with the understanding that HipHop is the culture that gives birth to Rap words.
And there is no question that the few Rap LPs that I now own are fascinating and fun.