Nordost cable damage - opinions?

I bought a pair of second hand Nordost Frey 2 speaker cables but the seller did not specify that there was a bit of damage to one of the strands in one cable


The silver is stripped at that point revealing the copper, and there’s likely some damage to the copper underneath also. The sound does not sound flawed in that there’s no obvious noise or anomalies, but at the same time I don’t know if it’s performing as well as it should be.


It is a flaw on one single silver coated copper ferrule this won’t affect your audio performance…. but it will give you a more difficult time to sell them, and force you to swallow a haircut on your asking price should you elect to sell them.

Seller should have noted the problem when listing them: that’s what the ratings are for. It probably doesn’t affect the sound but as the first poster said it will affect the reselling price. If they are long term keepers I would not worry about it but if you are frequently turning over your gear more than likely you won’t get what you paid .

Too bad you have to find out the seller was  not forthcoming.

Frey2 is great cable. I would just let it ride and enjoy the music. As mentioned, if you ever decide to move up the Nordost food chain, you'll just have to take the hit and sell at a loss. 

It's just superficial, and slowing the supposed "velocity of propagation" .0001%

Always get a laugh when I see that spec.

I use all H2 with a Frey@ phono cable in my setup.



I agree the seller should have pointed this out.

On the other hand I bet there is absolutely no discernible audible effect. I imagine if you count the number of conductors and assume a 5% reduction of fidelity in the one conductor it would amount to a very small difference.


I would inform the seller and expect a 10 - 15 % refund.

Thanks everyone for chiming in, it’s good to have multiple viewpoints.

Nordost replied to me and according to them the difference would not be audible, though since the surface was compromised the copper will start to oxidize but it might take many years. Ultimately the level of performance degradation, however slight, would put it somewhere between Frey 2 and Heimdall 2.

I’m leaning towards making this a keeper and push out the thoughts of “oh it could be even better”, but yes the resale value will no doubt take a hit. I might not care about that if I use it for the next 10+ years or more, just have to get over the psychological part!

As for the seller, it appears to be a honest mistake and oversight and we are sorting out a partial refund.

I would be inclined to put a small dab of clear silicone on that spot to seal it from further degradation.

@rhljazz good suggestion and I’ve done it already. In fact I had asked the Nordost support person but they claimed that it wouldn’t help since the damage was done and it’ll oxidize. But oxidation depends on the amount of O2 it gets exposed to and limiting that would surely help.