Nordost Power Cords - Versions and Combinations

Hello everyone. I have been using Nordost power cords since 2014 in my three tube and solid state systems and two HT systems. I would like to know what you think. They are my favorites, but here are two things I've noticed since using them:

1) I own several models, old and new: including 5 Red Dawn, 4 Heimdall2, 4 Brahma, 6 Valhalla V1, 1 Tyr V2, 2 Valhalla V2. However, except the Valhalla V2 which is exceptional, I prefer first versions: Faster, more detailed, sharper attack and more in the music movement. I have the impression that the Heimdall2, for example, is neutral, but a bit muddy and very round in the top-end compared to the first version power cords. What do you think?

2) To take full advantage of Nordost power cords, contrary to what Nordost claims, I think they should be combined with braided copper brands, preferably at distributors / conditionners (eg. QB8 or the Denali) entries. For example: Shunyata King Cobra, Audio Sensibility Statement, Triodes Labs Obsession or Bis Audio AC 20. Because, as many complain, Nordost cables are relatively flat, except for the top-end which is still quite smooth, typical of monofilament. I assume the braided cord fills a slight gap which is located in the mid-bass area. IMO, the important thing is not to combine them too much in order to preserve the speed
provided by Nordost. Have you ever experienced the same?


My x audio biz partner used 100% Nordost TOL for a few years, then stopped- FINALLY. Since you apparently have the funds try the Nordost knockoffs from Ali-Express. I have been using the Odin 2 speaker cables (not ribbons!) coax, and ICs, but tried the Odin Gold XLRs and found them warmer= more natural sounding, so I replaced my Odin 2 speaker cables with Odin Gold (<$200 for 3m pair!!!). Alas, after lots of searching, I could only find them with bananas, but sonically much more natural in my SS sytem. Previously I was using WireWorld Series 8 speaker cables and XLRs


Yes, just know you went to a generic page, which shows lots of different vendors. Ive done business with DIY HiFi store and Golltech


Most all offer free shipping, but it takes ~ 4 weeks to S FL


Over a decade ago I had 1 Brahma feeding a power distributor, and 4x Vishnu for each component.

I now have 5x Heimdall v2 and find them much much better than the Vishnu loom, but there was a 5 year gap between these setups and my system changed a lot, so its possible that's the real improvement. My experience of the Hiemdall2 vs earlier cables is the exact opposite of yours. Again, system changed and system synergy.

I also have the QB8 and its mandatory for using Nordost power cables. They do not like to be feeding off power conditioners. Everything just opened up and became more lifelike when inserting the QB8. It truly surprised me as its just an empty (solid and well built) box.

I am looking at the Tyr 2 as the next power cable upgrade, skipping the Frey2. No good you think?

Also, and I have posted this on here before, I found the Nordost (Heimdall 2) to be very good, spectacular even (for my price range) on digital, such as DAC’s, streamers, sources. But when using the same cable on analog amplifiers and Pre-amp I was disappointed.

It might be the case Nordost mono filament architecture especially suits digital power. Or the Heimdall2 could simply be too thin to adequately power amplifiers. The Frey2 doubles each conductor run compared to the Heimdall2, and the Tyr2 triples it.


Yes, those are fakes.

There is a very long thread on the subject. Just to be able to speak with some knowledge on the subject, since I have heard Nordost Oden 2 in my system… they are fakes and do not remotely sound like the real thing.

@vinci92 I agree with your assessment of the H2 power cord. I had it and the Brahma at the same time and I prefer Brahma for its precision, focus and dynamics. It doesn’t have any of the nasties either. Works great especially on preamps. 
I tried Red Dawn (latest) and it is just a worse version of the Heimdall 2…more muddy and smeared. 
I haven’t tried the higher end Frey 2, Tyr 2 or Valhalla but hear that it gets a lot better as you go up the chain. 
At the end of the day it’s still all system dependent. Synergy is a thing. 

I don’t understand why you guys are comparing the Brahma to the Heimdall2. Its not the same range and not a fair comparison. The Vishnu was the equivalent cable on that original product line. The Heimdall replaced the Vishnu. They both have 3 x 16 AWG conductors, so they should be compared.

The Brahma was replaced by the Frey, both these cables being 5 x 16 AWG. Double the conductor run on the positive and negative.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and information and for continuing to do so. I realize that I am not the only one to keep the door open to old models. 

And I agree that it’s all room and system dependent, although in my case the same constant comes up in two different residences, not including my desk at my workplace.
For instance, I’m so glad I recently added three used Valhalla V1 to my main HT (on the processor and my two main sources), adding precision in the dialogue and a lot of punch. In addition to the QB8 and QB4, I had added an Isotek Titan to push my Bryston 6BSST2, but adding these Valhalla V1 was ultimately even more effective than adding the conditioner. 

What I like is that the first versions can be easily found today between 40 and 45% of their original price, which is already interesting considering inflation. 

Still, I never sold my Heimdall 2. I did exactly what agisthos did: They have been on digital sources, wich sounded too clear at the office and in my secondary HT. Into this secondary HT system, the Red Dawn amplifies my central which I found to be too focused on the highs (Paradigm Prestige 55c) and no other cable could have created this perfect match. In short, I don’t want to denigrate the new versions. I have also had Valhalla V2 for a few months in my main music system (Pathos / Lumin X1 / Scalla Utopia) and I admit that the Valhalla V1 has nothing to do with it; Nor does the new equivalent Tyr 2 for that matter 😉

I while back in an interview with the Nordost founder he claimed a single Odin power cable feeding Blue Heaven on components will out perform an all Valhalla system, the wall power cable being so important.

I don't know how true that is, never having had such a high level Nordost cable to experiment with.

I want to ask for an opinion on the use of Nordost for a digital source, in the specific case of Auralik Vega G2 (Fuse:Synergistic Research - Purple)Synergistic ResearchSynergistic Research. This cable will be connected to the PS-IRS9000 power supply, which in turn is connected to the Voodo-Tesla from the wall.
Cable requirement: add maximum resolution and air without losing sound density and bass.
Will it be Nordost, after power supply? What do you recommend which model to take from Nordost, or Nordost is not the most suitable for a digital source and my cable requirements


I feed most of my digital sources with Nordost first versions and I highly recommend Brahma PC: Wonderful mid bass, very articulate, detailed top end and very, very dynamic. Never shrill or garish. That said, Valhalla V1 is also absolutely exceptional. You may eventually find a 2m Brahma for 800 or 850$ or a Valhalla V1 for 1300 or 1400$.

Btw, I know Nordost claims the wall PC should be the highest in range, but the one directly connected to my most important component was the most decisive in all my systems and rooms. It's about experimenting with configuration and combinations in order to get the best out of it.


Thanks for the advice.  Now these Nordosds are not available for marketing, but there are Nordost Frey 2 ($1200) How will it show itself on a digital source?  What will be better?

My friend had the Frey2. I only tried it on his system, but on the same source I own: a Lumin X1. He ended up selling it to buy and a Tyr2 he preferred. From experience, I presume that it isn't as dynamic as the Brahma, but I think the price is fair. If it doesn't fit, it's still easy to resell.