Nordost QB8

QB8 owners:

What configuration do you use when plugging your gear into the QB8?

I've got good results in the following order, starting from the end of the QB8 where the mains power cable plugs into the QB8:

1) Meridian MS600 streaming endpoint/DAC
2) empty
3) empty
4) Primary Earth Socket - Simaudio P8 pre-amp
5) Simaudio W8 amp
6) empty
7) empty
8) Simaudio 650D Transport/DAC
I have the QB4. I used to plug the amp into it but now it's straight into the wall. Your configuration seems to be good. You could use QV2's in an empty space or all of them, but I wonder if they really work especially at 350.00 each. Good luck.
Can you share the configuration ordering which your equipment is plugged into the QB4? Did you notice differences in the sound after moving your amp from the QB4 to the wall socket?
There is a big difference if you ground QB4 or QB8. I use Acoustic Revives ground conditioner rgc-24. I have also heard nice results using the grounding equipment from Entreq.

The difference is anything but subtle.

I also use QV2 but recommend that you be carful and use one at a time and listen as you use more of them.
Im using only two QV2. It can sound a bit too forward and bright otherwise .. a better option is to use QX2 or QX4 then the QV2 is not necessary.
I plug the preamp (power supply) to the primary earth and the TT, CD, and Tuner the rest of the way. The QB4 plugs into one socket and the Amp plugs into another. No difference plugging the Amp directly into the wall, it just frees up one socket on the QB4 so that the TT is not plugged into the wall. PC's are Nordost Blue Heaven LS. To be honest, the QB4 makes no difference in sound either. I have one because I got it for 200.00 and it looks to be close to new. Retail? Forget it, you're wasting your money. The PC's do seem to help some though.
I would second the advice about the QX4 or QX2. I can not think of any "tweak" that was more beneficial to my system, in terms of lowering the noise floor, increased dynamics. I had 2 and just sold one. Two are better than one, but not much. A single QX4 is a no brainer IMHO.

I feel the QV2 works well too, I havent compared the benefits of QV2 to QX4. If anyone has, I would be greatful for any observations
"There is a big difference if you ground QB4 or QB8. I use Acoustic Revives ground conditioner rgc-24. I have also heard nice results using the grounding equipment from Entreq."

How would you describe this difference Fitzo?
Fitzo, did you find the order in which you plug in your equipment into the QB8 or QB4 made a difference?

I found that my equipment sounds better with the Meridian MS600 plugged in on the opposite side of the primary earth socket than my amp and CD player/DAC. Not sure if it's a matter of better power noise rejection of my pre-amp vs. other components in rejecting noise from the MS600 switching power supply of if the MS600 is sensitive to the big power draw from my amp. Or other reasons? I get better soundstage depth and detail with the current configuration.

I managed to find a used Acoustic Revives RGC-24 and look forward to sharing experiences when I receive it.

In my system, which consists of Nordost, McIntosh and Sonus Faber, I would explain the improvement by saying that most things in the soundstage got better. Better presence, detail and dynamics. A bit like a component changing from midfi to high end. A very effective tweek indeed.

I havent heard any mayor diffrent when plugging my equipment in diffrent order.

Camb, do try diffrent feet under your Qb4/8. I have a custom build massive platform with spikes. Works well.
My QB8 is under my credenza so it needs to be on its side. Not ideal but that's what happens when your gear is in the living room rather than a dedicated audio room. I do have a pair of Black Ravioli isolation pads under it, though.
The Acoustic Revives agc-24 seems to have made an improvement when connected to the QB8, although my normal DAC is out for upgrades and I'm just listening directly from my Meridian MS600 so I can't tell the effects for sure yet.
I really like the QB-8 and felt it made a meaning difference to my system. I wrote about it HERE . What is really important with the QB-8 is to ground it with a garden earth. Using it in conjunction with the QX2 and QX4 as mentioned above is also highly recommended.
I have the QX4 and QB8. I'm not sure about my configuration but have the manuals if you want me to look at the recommended setup. That's what I went with.
Thanks Bjesien - I found examples on how to set it up on Nordost's website. I also contacted them and they told me to plug in the pre-amp in the star earth socket and it doesn't matter where you plug in the other gear. However I find small changes in the sound when I change the order in which I plug in the other gear, so I was curious what configuration others are using when plugging their gear into the QB8 or QB4.
I've re-ordered the way I'm plugging in my gear which has led to more body and bass authority to the sound by plugging in the amp closer to the mains input side of the QB8. Starting from where the mains connects to the QB8 here's the new order:

1) Simaudio W8 amp
2) empty
3) empty
4) Primary Earth Socket - Simaudio P8 pre-amp
5) empty
6) Simaudio 650D Transport/DAC
7) empty
8) Meridian MS600 streaming endpoint/DAC
Hi Camb,
This is a topic I'm really interested in.
I own a QB8 and four QV2s. Equipment used: TTable(Well Tempered Amadeus, DPS power supply), phono stage (Clearaudio Reference, early 00's), preamp (Pass Labs Aleph L II), amp (XTZ AP100).

Best results, from the outlet closer to wall power cord:

1 - QV2
2 - QV2
3 - TT PSU
4-Pr. Earth - Preamp
5 - Amp
6- Phono stage (200W psu)
7 - QV2
8 - QV2

I have an Entreq Tellus grounding the QB8, and Entreq gear for the TT, phono and preamp, plus the amp case. I do enjoy it a whole lot but, please note that I have become Entreq's distributor for Portugal last month, after a year of successfully using their products as a customer.

So, based on what I managed to gather from a Nordost reply to my queries regarding disappointment with the sound, I suppose - it has not been in any way confirmed by the company- the following:

Actual current path would begin at 5, therefore you probably should go for the larger watt draw there. It then travels from the centre in straight lines to the left and right of the QBase, the left/right periferic outlets being the last to get power. You'll notice I placed the phono stage AFTER the amp, but as you can see, it draws a lot of power for a phono. Therefore, I place it right after the amp, so the heavy demands will be served in the same current path (to the left) in order of offer and demand. I used to follow Quantum instructions and place the phono BEFORE the preamp, but sound I got was tired and lifeless. I suppose that happened because both amp and phono were making current demands opposite each other (either side of current entry in the internal PCB). But, as I said, these are only hypothesis to try and explain the results I've been getting.

Well, that's a lot of writing already. Any more ideas? Right now the QB8 has been set aside, since I'm trying other current delivery options.

Thanks Msom,

I'd love to hear your input on what effect grounding the QB8 with the Tellus. I've bee trying out an Acoustic Revives RCG-24 and while it does add detail and depth, it also seems to emphasize the high frequencies. This adds sybilance to female vocalists in particular and I'm not really enjoying the effect.

I've moved the wiring around again to follow the order recommended in Nordost's Odin brochure:

1) Empty
2) Meridian MS600 streaming endpoint/DAC
3) Simaudio 650D Transport/DAC
4) Primary Earth Socket - Simaudio P8 pre-amp
5) Simaudio W8 power amp
6) empty
7) empty
8) empty

This is a little less "powerful" and dynamic sounding than the previous set up but also a little more coherent. Addiing a QV2 into the #8 position adds some weight and bass power to the presentation, along with better bass definition and an overall "fluidity" to the music. Adding a second QV2 to the #7 position is too much, though, in that it seems to mute the high frequencies too much.
Hi Camb,

Thanks for more info, and sorry about the delay in replying- I'm getting ready to move (again). Tell that to my turntable and vinyl collection!

Actually, connecting my QB8 to an Entreq Tellus shifted an emphasis on mid/high frequencies to a lower mid/low frequencies extension. I got more soundstage, recording depth details and a less artificial result- and mind you, I enjoy electronic music!

The thing is, is that an "effect", or a release from RF and mains pollution? You notice that, going from recording to recording, a certain detailed glare prevalent before the Tellus was an unshakeable constant (a clear sign of distortion) whereas the Tellus allows each record to sound, well, like itself, away from the sonic landscape of the previous record. It became easier to ascertain the particular sound of each track and album. I would call it absence of pollution.

Old thread" any updates on the QB 8 ? Has anyone replaced the fuse with SR black or blue ? garden earth ? what is garden earth?

Any feedback on earth outlet to grounding rod?

I think what they are referring to when they say "garden earth" is connecting the Qbase to a grounding rod (driven deep into the soil, earth, garden or dirt) just outside of your home.  I use a # 8 grounding wire run from my Qbase to a grounding rod driven 6 feet deep just outside my home.  Nordost now recommends using their new Qkore grounding system which (in my case) will take the place of the ground wire and rod.  My retailer has offered me a demo unit to try and swears it makes a sonic improvement over no ground connected or ground wire and rod connected.  I will be auditioning the Qkore soon and will report my findings.....Also I tried plugging my Simaudio 870a amp into the Qbase but it didn't sound nearly as good as plugging it directly into the wall outlet.....@tecknik  I recently upgraded the stock fuse in my amp to the SR blue fuse and noticed a sonic improvement and also wondered if replacing the stock fuse in the Qbase would yield the same results.  I might just try it since SR offers a 30 day guarantee.
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