Nordost "sweet spot"

I have a nice old pair of NHT 2.5i's that seem to prefer
Flatline MK2 to any other SC I have,some 5 times the flatlines price. Is there a sweet spot in the Nordost line, up to say $800 used ,for a biwire pair?
I owned the older Blue Heavens in the past and felt they were very good. I've always heard that the Red Dawns were the "sweet spot" in the line as far as bang for buck goes. However, with their recent changes in their lineup, I really couldn't say.
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With the v2 now available for the Norse line of cables there have been some great buys on AudiogoN for Frey and Heimdall. Blue Heaven and Red Dawn also good but not equal to the first 2 mentioned. These are great cables.
It always depends were you are looking for? I always ask my clients what they use for equipment and cables. What kind of sound they are looking for. Because Nordost has there own properties/ talents? Depends if you are looking for these. I sold a lot of Nordost, you have to use it wisely. I sold a lot of Valhalla in the past. I just sold my Valhalla after 12 years of use. I bought this weekend a Audioquest Redwood. The big difference is that the Redwood has more different properties/talents. This makes it a much better cable than my older Valhalla.
I’ve owned/used -

 BH: PCs, ICs
RD: PCs, SCs
Frey’s: ICs
SPMs: (Nordost Reference level from 2000-2005) XLR ICs, and BiWire SCs

It would be good to know what amp you are using, and what ICs you are using (also Nordost?)

but not knowing the amp/ICs, for the NHTs, I would suggest BH or RD.

 (I have a pair of RD speaker cables available, I bought them new, 1 owner. Email if interested). 

There is none look at Purist much better cable fuller sounding better highs,better midrange and bass.