North Star 192 transport: Need remote

I have a North Star 192 CD Transport (highly modified with Black Gate caps) but no remote trying to find a universal one that works. From my understanding this unit uses a Philips drive so went and bought a remote that was supposed to work with Philips players but no luck. Anyone have an idea of what might work?
The Harmony Remote database lists the North Star 192 as being supported by their universal remotes. You plug their remote into your computer and download the commands to it from their site.

Odd coincidence, but I recently switched from an Electrocompaniet CD player to a SimAudion MOON transport, and dislike the remote that came with the latter. To my very pleasant surprise, the (20yo!) Electrocompaniet remote, which I like very much, works perfectly with the MOON.

I had never really given it much thought, but had cynically assumed that companies might impose "proprietary" settings, so that customers would be forced to buy their own branded remotes (if necessary).

@fuzztone bought a universal remote that had a search function, spent over an hr trying without success
@tweak1 North Star is no longer in business 
@sfar thanks will buy a harmony remote and give it a try
Again thanks @sfar went and bought a Harmony 665 today and all is good now. :-)