Not a question, but a revelation

I inserted the Synergistic Res. Ref. Mk. II (X Series) inteconnects in my system and was blown away by how good they sound. The width and depth of the soundstage was nothing short of mind blowing. I know the blue light is somewhat gimmicky; however, if that little light helps produce sound like this, I want one on all of my cables. I have auditioned a number of cables on my system, including reference level products from MIT, Nordost, Cardas and Kimber. In my opinion, the Res. Ref. blows them all away at a somewhat more reasonable price. The best part is that they are not even fully broken in.

Obviously, given the variety of systems and individual preferences, it is very difficult if not impossible to say that a particular cable is the absolute best. Nonetheless, for my system, I cannot imagine a cable sounding much better.

My system:
Wadia 850
Sony 333ES SACD Changer
Pass X-150
Cable all Syn. Res., speaker cable Res. Ref. .5 (X Series)
Hi T; that's been my experience too, and glad to see it's not just my imagination. I'm presently using the active shielded ICs from DAC to pre-amp and pre to amp (Lum. + Kal. X series). I power them with the MCC. Next step: active shielded spkr cables I think.

BTW, what do you think of the Pass X-150? Cheers. Craig
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Lovely! In response to Viridian, the speakers are AP Virgos. In response to Garfish, the X 150 is a great amp. I think it is the perfect match for the Virgos and would be a good match for a number of other speakers as well. In addition to the Virgos, I also have hooked up my Nautilus 805s to the Pass X-150 and was quite pleased with the sound.
I have the same experience but with an Audio Magic Excalibur II I/C. I used it from my DAC to the preamplifier and was an amazing improvement over my actual cables.
I had a similar experience with the Synergetics speaker cables in the same line--they really seemed to bring the musicians out into the room. Thanks for your post because now it makes me want to try the interconnects and have a whole room full of little blue lights! I wonder how they would work as phono interconnects.
Aitchnu, based on my experience, I would think that the S/R X series would be a good choice. I also think that S/R products work best with other S/R products. Based on my experience, the I/Cs and speaker cables really complement each other well. Besides, the little blue lights give the room a nice glow when the lights are dimmed in your listening room.