Nottingham TT - external power supply?

I am greatly enjoying the vinyl experience with my Nottingham Ace Space 294 TT.

Given that it has an AC motor, an external power supply may be of benefit. The two that come well recommended are the NAS Wave Mechanic, and the Walker Audio PMC.

Can anyone comment on the relative merits of the NAS Wave Mechanic vs. the Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller?
I have used both the NAS and Walker Motor Controller. Both did their job and I could not functionally tell the difference between the two. I ended up keeping the NAS and selling the Walker. If both are available to you I would go for whichever is the best deal.
Thanks for the replies.

I auditioned the Walker Audio Motor Controller, listening with and without it in the system. It provided a clearly audible improvement, with tighter base, more cleanly detailed midrange, and a softer and less etched treble.

I did not compare the sound of the Walker Audio unit to the NAS Wave mechanic. The Walker Audio unit is subtantially more overbuilt (built like a tank, for life), allows switching between 33 and 45, and allows you to choose phase (all of these functions are missing from the NAS Wave Mechanic). The WA unit is not that much more money, so I now have my TT plugged into one.

I am very happy with the improvement in the sound of my system.
I second the Walker Audio unit. I used it in conjunction with my Notts Hyperspace, and it made a truly remarkable improvement in the sound of the turntable, much more obvious than I would have expected. And I found that the phase switch was indispensable for getting the most out of it. There was a big difference when the phase switch was in "correct" position vs "incorrect". The Walker does not make as obvious a difference with my Lenco, but the Lenco motor is an induction type, so I did not expect much.
Have had the Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm for about 10 years or so, with the Benz H2 high output moving coil cartridge. Only have about 400 or so hours on the rig, but was considering a lower output cartridge which would allow me to use the MC setting on my Cary PH-302 phono pre-amp. After the usual research, many opinions offered suggested that a bigger improvement could be made by adding a speed control device for the Nott motor. Bought the Walker Motor Controller, despite cringing about the cost, and plugged it in. Interestingly the platter speed showing on the KAB strobe disc was perfect, no adjustment was necessary. Of course I had to adjust it anyway, and managed to get it back where it was supposed to be, a perfect 33.3RPM. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was more than a little surprised at the immediately improved bass reproduction. Deeper, more musical, more realistic. Wow! Then I noticed (have you heard this before?) there was more detail. I was hearing cymbal taps I'd not heard before, background vocals were more distinct, rhythm guitar chords carved out their own space more clearly. Willie, Bonnie and Otis's voices sounded more lifelike, palpable, real, immediate. I didn't expect this from such a seemingly simple device. I wished I'd bought the Walker a long time ago.
I also tried both. Either is a nice upgrade and would recommend both. I ended up keeping the Wave Mechanic with Audience PC e and Stillpoints.
Has anyone tried the music Hall AC turntable controller with a Nottingham turntable?