Novice here looking for insight on equipment ive aquired

So in a nutshell, although I love music I wouldn't consider myself a sound buff. I own and opperate a residential window cleaning company. I had a well to do customer make me an offer I couldnt refuse last year. I am now the owner of some high end stereo equipment that deserves a home with someone who will appreciate it more then I. Everything is in great to like new condition and id like to sell it as opposed to keeping it. I have done some research on the items but I am hopeful to gain more knowledge about the equipment before I go attempting to list them for sale. If anyone could help me out with some discussion regarding the items I would GREATLY appreciate it! Ultimately what I have is as followes.....
Everything was new in 2000 and I even have most of the original paperwork. 
*California Audio Labs Reciever (with remote)
*Aragon 8008 amplifier
*Airial Acoustics speakers
*M Series by Monster Cables
*All other cables and wires needed for full set up 
   I'm able to provide serial numbers and what have you for more specific intel if anyone is willing to educate me on the equipment. Ive seen the original retail values and was amazed learned that my customer's claims of its value were indeed true! I know depreciation is clearly a topic here and that is absolutely my point of inquiry.  
Check for used pricing. Doesn’t mean they sell at those prices but it gives you an idea of how to price. You'll need to get the model numbers to correctly ID the gear.
So I looked up one or two just to confirm what I thought. 

What I would do, sell the Aragon amp. Might be able to get a couple hundred for it. Maybe. Whatever. Reason you sell it, a) its the only thing worth selling and b) its an odd duck. You have a receiver. So what do you need with a power amp? Nothing. Sell it.

Then hook up the rest, relax, and enjoy. Might as well. The alternative, posting, dealing with looky-loo's, packaging, shipping, guarantee by the time you are done you will not think it was worth anywhere near the hundred bucks or so you will clear.

Problem is a lot of that stuff, while perfectly good to listen to, for some guy to buy shipping is gonna eat up a lot of what they're willing to pay. So you go local. CraigsList. Fine. No packaging, no shipping, but what I said about looky-loos goes double.

Then again, if you really are that hard up for cash: craiglist. Don't ask for much. Expect even less.
Not meant to be a buzz kill but...

Don't hold your breath, thinking you're gonna double your money.

Original MSRP is insignificant. It's older  80's stuff, and not in league of iconic 60's Mcintosh/Marantz vintage gear. Audio gear even of what was considered great for the time, is now a boat anchor.
20%of MSRP if you're lucky.

It's good gear for what it is.... to simply enjoy. 

Are you sure the CAL receiver isn’t a preamp/tuner that needs the power amp. Would make more sense. Sounds like a nice package I’d try to sell on CL. determine a fair price, but be ready to say no to low ball offers.
But if it were me I'd hook it up and use your phone w a blue tooth adaptor and your tv as a source. You may like it.
The Aragon 8008 is a very worthwhile SS amp. Especially if it is the BB or balanced version. Several for sale now on the 'gon, etc, and still being made, albeit by another manufacturer at an inflated price.
Aerial speakers could be nice depending on model, but probably need a lot of current, hence the Aragon amp.
Model numbers and not serial numbers would be helpful.