ODAM capacitors.

I recently upgraded my coupling caps with VH Audio's ODAM capacitors. I have 2 outputs, one for high impedance amps, and another for low impedance amps. That being the case, a comparison between the caps on one output then the other is necessarily less than ideal. That said, I had had RTX Multicaps bypassed with Teflon V-Caps which the Odams replaced. The difference was immediate and very positive. Tone didn't change much, but detail and air increased without being bright resulting far better imaging and of course micro details. These have to be the absolute best bang for the buck capacitors, and one of the best at any cost.


I used them on my Tubes4Hifi PH-16 phono preamp. Very long burn in but worth it.



I hope you got the octal board. With better caps, and the Linlai E-6SN7 tubes you can't get much better, unless you buy Don Sach's amp. His is built upon the same kit, but he blows it up with premium parts, and big improvements to the power supply. Regardless, I'm sure it sounds great as is though!





My board uses the 6922/6DJ8 tubes and I'm using NOS Siemens tubes. I didn't know there was an option for boards.

Don helped me out with some noise issues I was having in 1 channel along with giving me some tweeks to do..such as replacing some of the electrolytic caps in the P/S with film caps. I also replaced quite a few resistors with Texas Instruments TX2575, Takman metal film, and Audio Note Niobium in the audio circuit.


If you scroll down you'll see the board right below the 6DJ8 board. Mind you, the 6DJ8 board is a big improvement over the stock Dynaco board in and of itself. Roy really knows his electronics, but he doesn't seem to me to be the tinkerer that Don Sachsis. Don has been modifying primarily Citation and McIntosh gear for decades now.






Since we have been repairing and upgrading components for many years, over 20 plus, we recently installed a pair in Counterpoint SA-3000 and SA-220.  I can say that the ODAMs were a very nice improvement.


Happy Listening.

I just noticed that I said that the miniature tube board was for 6DJ8 tubes, actually they are 12AU7 tubes.