Odyssey Amp Overkill ?

Need advice. Is the Odyssey Stratos amp over kill to drive Monitor Audio Siver 5i? Looking for the right amp to use. I'm using a Denon 3300 as my preamp.I've read in different forums , is that you don't drive $1000.00 speakers w/ $1000.00 amp. Is this true and why not? thanks all.
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kurt's got it right. you'd be amazed how great $1500/pr. westlake audio monitors sound with $70k worth of boulder electronics. -cfb
Forget about prices, brand names, good or bad reviews, etc... If you like it and it sounds good to you long term, etc... that is ALL that counts. Sean
I second all of the above, esp. Kelly (aka cfb). My personal experience with amps is that "overkill" sounds MUCH better than "under" or "normal kill".

although I am not familiar with the Monitor Audio Siver 5i's, I do own an Odyssey Stratus and have found it vastly superior to anything that I have yet used for an amp. Putting $$ towards quality electronics can make even relatively low priced monitors perform beyond your expectations. Not only that, when (if) you decide to upgrade your speakers, your amp is already up to the task. With a 14 day free trial, you have nothing but the shipping cost to lose. I am not aware of anyone who has not been thrilled enough with this amp to ever ask for a refund.
Do you currently have the Odyssey Stratos with the Monitor Audio Silver 5i? I have the MA's and a Marantz SR7000 recevier but I've been considering buying the stratos to power the speakers for 2-ch music. How does your system sound?
If you get the Stratos spring for the power supply upgrade (why isnt it standard by now?) as it should make a difference with most speakers and will help if you sell it some day. Its not "too much amp", it will sound better than a cheaper amp with your speakers.
if you have "the sickness", like i'm sure most of us here do; then eventually you will upgrade your speakers. You cannot go wrong with the Stratos. It is an exellent amp.