OK to use Splitter for 2 Subs-Receiver has 1 port

Hello Everyone,

Is it OK to use a splitter with 1 male into Onkyo 905 single pre-out in order to use 2 subs (Velodyne DD-18 & currently unused M&K sub)?

I called Onkyo and they said it could potentially cause damage to the Onkyo?

Thanks in advance for your input,

Onkyo might know a tad bit more about their products than folks on an audio forum. Just a thought.
Yes. However, you should (1) place them equidistant from the listening position and (2) adjust them for equal output before you do your full setup because you have only 1 setting for subwoofer distance/level in your 905. Stacking them might be effective.

I'd not be inclined to used 2 different subs - basically the sound mismatch. As for the onkyo, you could use the sub out for one, and a pre-out for the other. Of course it would make setting up a mess.

I'm surprised Onkyo had an issue, you are just outputting a raw signal. Lots of people use 2 subs. But, heh, it's their product, they should know best.