One amp, four speaker cables

My stereo amp needs one connection to the top two drivers and another to the bottom two. Do they need to match? Right now, being cash strapped, I have two of the same make, with my big old 'spensive heavies on the bass, and a lighter one on the top. Both are Transparent. There is no conneection between top and bottom.
WBT spades at the amp end will allow you to run the wires together if the connection is the problem. With regards to different wire guages i ave heard of people using a heavier guage for the bass and a smaller one for the treble in their biwire setups. From what I have read, Kimber 8tc for the lows & 4tc for the highs was a popular combo although I have never heard it.
should be fine. i run silver on top and heavier copper on the bottom. let your ears do the walkin... kurt
Tkanks ever so much. The connection is no problem because the amp has four pair. My ears like it, just was wondering if they were missing out.