One Subwoofer out, two subwoofers

I just bought a Denon AVR-4306 to replace a dead NAD T762 AV receiver. One thing I didn't do before I bought the Denon was check the outputs. It has only one subwoofer pre-amp out and I have two subwoofers. So the question is, how do I hook them up?

There are pre-amp outs for the each chaneel so I suppose I could hook them up to front right/front left but I'm guessing the bass management in the receiver is not set up for that.

I could get a splitter and hook up both to the same subwoofer pre-amp out but not sure if that screws something up internally either.

Seems to me I've seen answer to this in past on Audiogon but haven't been able to find in archives. The manual doesn't seem to be of much help either.

Any help would be appreciated.
Many subwoofers (you didn't say what kind you have ;~) provide L and R line outs (and sometimes a LFE out) so you can daisy chain one or more additional sub(s) to the one being fed by your preamp.

If your subs don't have this feature, and you must use splitters, my preference would be to put the Y-connectors (splitter) on the sub closest to the preamp, and then run the second IC from there to the second sub. (Basically making your own daisy chain.)
Thanks for the answers. I have Velodyne SPL 800's and yes they do have L &
R line outs. Since cabling currently runs to receiver, it is easier to put the Y
splitter at the pre-amp out. However, am I better off re-running the cables to
"daisy chain" as Nsgarch suggested?


I would put the Y-splitter at the 1st sub input (split Denon signal to L&R at sub), then daisy chain (2 cables) from 1st sub to 2nd sub.
Wouldn't that create a timing issue? Even though the distances are very small, won't having different length cables technically make one sub fire milliseconds before the other?

Maybe it's negligible, just curious.