Opera Speakers - Opinions?

Does Opera have a "house sound"? Are the 1.5s and IIs (which I understand are now out of production) on the warm or cool side of things (musical or analytical)? Or are they neutral, or warm neutral, cool neutral? Can the Callas' be used in a small room with only 20" from rear of speakers to the wall? I ask since they are reat ported. Do they look as good in person as on their website? How do they compare to, say, Sonus Faber and Silverline models? How easy are they to drive? Thanks, people.
I've only heard the Callas Divas, and they sounded very nice. Definitely on the warmish side of neutral, adequately dynamic, and a very sweet midrange. If you value those type of sonic qualities, it's definitely woth looking into. Not a rock speaker, IMO. Much more suited to low-key classical and jazz.
I had the Opera Quinta in my home for a couple of weeks. They do have a "warmish" sound as Hooper describes the Diva. I ended up buying Silverline Sonata III. They are far superior to the Opera's. As are all of Silverline's speakers. Silverline uses better drivers. I was fortunate to hear the Silverline speakers at the manufacturer's location and did hear a few of Alan's line. Alan also showed me some of the drivers he uses and those of other speakers, including the Meadowlark Shearwater which I had at the time. The workmanship and quality of the drivers was quite obvious.
How would you describe the "house sound" of Silverline? It seems the Opera sound is warm and musical, maybe comforting and relaxing. Which is, of course, often great for late night listening but not always the best for when you want to "kick 'em out". (Geez, I'm such a white guy from Detroit!)

The Operas sure are good looking, though. And what's with Sam Tellig at Stereophile? Three articles about Opera speakers and the only real indication of sound and music making ability is "it's all about the tonality". What ABOUT the tonality? Good, bad, accurate, lush, cool, what?

I know Tellig has become friends with the people at Unison/Opera but is he saying something between the lines by not saying much? Or am I missing something? And how come only A'goners who have only heard Operas have responded? Any current owners with opinions?
Tomryan, your skepticism re. Sam Tellig & his European junkets to British (MF), French (Triangle) & Italian (Audio Analogue, Opera & Unison) is well-placed, IMHO. I have the same feeling. His nose is brown big-time!! read those articles w/ a huge grain of salt. They are entertaining & a break from the rest of the magazine in that they don't talk audio, specs, sonics all the time. They are good 'come-up-for-air' articles. The best piece of info I got from that Opera/Unison article were the near exact directions to that Italian restaurant! LOL! If I ever visit that town/village, I'll be sure to eat there. looking @ Sam's belly, his restaurant recommendations seem (far) better than his choice in audio gear!
Bombay...I fell the exact same way about his articles. Some of the most enjoyable in the mag, along with Art Dudley and the John Marks. You know, you get wined and dined a bit and you're sure to fall in love with the gift giver's products. And I still can't get over how good looking those Operas are. I'm tempted to buy just for appearance sake.

Sure would like to hear from actual owners, though. Groovetracker sent me a private e-mail with excellent info about his experience written in a way that gives me a good idea about what he heard. I'd like to hear other experiences (but then maybe I'm just enamored by physical beauty and can't let go).
The Silverline's are, using your adjectives, lusch neutral. They are a very warm sounding speaker. I listen mostly to jazz & old rock, ie the doobie brothers, joe cocker, eagles. If your taste is hard rock they might not be the best for you. I did forget to tell you I have the speakers close to the wall and have no bass problem. I have hardwood floors but the room opens up on two sides behind me.
Thanks, guys. I've always heard that the Silverlines were on the musical as opposed to analytical side of things, which is where I like it. I think I've just become enamored of the Opera looks.

Yohjo - I see you use Rogue amps for power. Have you ever or do you know of anyone who uses SETs with Silverlines? I have an Air Tight 300B amp which I just can't seem to get rid of. That beauty thing again. It won't properly drive my Harbeths which I also love, and am looking for a second speaker for different moods.
The only set amp I heard drive the Sonata's was the one Alan makes, but not for sale. I heard it at his offices. It was wonderful.
I did forget to tell you about the finish of the Operas. They are good looking but I did not have my first choice in finish. When my girlfriend saw the Sonatas she remarked how beautiful they were. But she did not see the Opera's.