Opinions please on integrated for green mountain europas

I'm putting together a small system in a small 10 by 12 room with 8 ft ceiling. My old setup is to big for the room so I'm down sizing.Will be useing green mountain Europa's, mac mini w/ mydac,consonence cd120. Looking at Vincent SV-500, Nad 375 BEE, Rogue Sphinx, and Jolida . Want to keep it under $2000. new or used if possible. Thanks in advance for any advice. Tom G
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I used a Joldia 102B with the Europas some years ago.  I remember it having easily enough power and sounding quite nice.   I later moved on to the Callistos and Eos Hx powered by HK Cit II for even better sound. 
excellent choice for your speaker! :-) I’m a big fan of Green Mtn Audio’s time-coherent speakers. Used to own the C1.5i floor stander before i moved to ribbon speakers.
The Europa is an easy load so you could get some fine sounds from even vintage amps (just like crgolfer wrote in his post).
I used to have the Jolida 502A 60W/ch - very nice sounding integrated amp esp. with the KT88 tubes i had in them.
Heard good things about the Rogue Sphinx & NAD 375 BEE but I've not heard them myself.

Try to locate one of Gilbert's Blue Circle Integrateds...the Dar perhaps.  Read of great synergy between the two.  I've not heard it however.  Good luck.  Regards.........
I used a Jeff Rowland Concentra (first gen.), and the system sounded terrific. I also upgraded to Callistos (also first ten.).
The Rogue Sphinx is a fine amp, doubles at 4 ohms as well. Tube pre-amp section offers the "best" of both worlds. Seek out the Ver.2, lower floor noise and improved phone section. Built in Pa, USA!
I have the original Redgum RGi120, have had it for five years. It's excellent amp, not cold slightly on the warm side for a transistor amp. Excellent dynamics, bass and speaker control. Feels powerful.
There is one from Canada here on Audiogon. Offer them $750-$800, and it will probably be yours. I am not sure there are dealers or even an distributor in the US.
There's also a newer model  REDGUM RGi120ENR on ebay now. You could probably get it for the opening bid of $950
Yeah, I saw it too. Some say that not ENR is a little more musical, though ENR is more powerful.
Thanks for all the excellent suggestions. I decided to go with the Rogue Sphinx from Audio Connection in Verona NJ. Mr Rutan says I should have it in a few days.

I'll give you my impression of the pairing, when I get the amp. I think there is a holdup with Rogue.

I'm going back many years but I thought Roy from GMA liked Blue Circle paired with his loudspeakers. No idea what a BC would go for. Regards.