Ordered from beatles.com - BS

On August 9, I ordered 3 Mono Boxes along with some stereo discs from the official Beatles site. Was wondering what the order situation was, since tomorrow is 9-9. No email regarding shipping. So I went to the site, and this is what it says:

The Beatles (Remastered Mono Box Set)*

*Pre-Order! Release Date 09.09.09
Orders will ship first week of October

This is really a bunch of crap. Evidently no one who ordered there is getting the music this month. They can send me an email confirming the order, but NO email about the shipping delay.

Their orders are handled by Fanfire, which is now part of Livenation. I called them and the CSR said that emails were going out today. Nothing yet. At least they let me change my order from 3 mono boxes to 1.

This is completely unacceptable. Has anyone else ordered from there?
I ordered the mono box from Music Direct on July 18th. Received it today. Sounds great!

It was said to be a limited set so I ordered right away.
Best Buy had both the Stereo and Mono versions for sale today.
I actually bought the Stereo Versions for $199.

After playing them , while there is better bass, there is perhaps only a little improvement in the recordings.
Not worth all the hype!

Too bad they were not in a HI-DEf format.
listen if u wanted the sets they were there to get,all u had to do was send the the pre orders in. today i receieved both sets today as promised.at prices better than almost anybody. $169 stereo $209 mono. the music is what its all about . isn't that what the gear about! so go and buy your $1000 power cords and bitch and moan bout the beatles reissues. i"m just fine with hours of my new heaven
Coffee Are you going to let us in on where you got your good deal?
Happy Listening
Got the mono for $229 at Best Buy this morning...nice, but a "butcher " cover thrown in would have been really nice.