Oswaldsmillaudio, ever heard of it.

Like most hobbyists, I'm always looking for some new company, at least new to me, that I've not seen or heard of before. Such is the case with Oswaldsmillaudio.
They are a full service company, apparently, in that they offer systems front to back, turntables included. They specialize in some very interesting designs of tube amplification, paired with their own Horn Speaker designs that appear as much as art work as loudspeaker designs... I'd say that to the casual (me) observer, that that's a fair assessment. Very, very interesting. 
If someone is more familiar with them, please tell us more. They're certainly worth a visit.
He had (probably still does) an old stone building/"mill" in Pa. which is, I think, the work shop studio for some stuff, though I believe that the horn makers he uses are third party, probably some other stuff built to his spec and aesthetic. There used to be these get togethers of the lunatic fringe there, Jeffrey Jackson, to name an example, and a bunch of the other gurus of the primo vintage, where they’d spend the weekend cooking out, probably having some beers or whatever, and building circuits on tables with alligator clips to connect stuff to -- looked in some pics like they used old style breadboards, etc. I lived for a long time in NY, and when he opened in Dumbo- down under the manhattan brooklyn bridges-a formerly blighted area that now requires your banker’s letter of sufficiency of funds to look at an apartment--I called him. Nice cat- good aesthetic sense, I get where he is coming from--I use horns and SET and vinyl. Never did business with him, know at least one guy who has a full system from him. If you are in that league, make an appointment!
You should also check out the old video of Jeffrey’s collaboration with some dudes up in the Catskills- lumbersexual porn. These guys were planing tree trunks to build the horn mouths, winding their own coils, etc. I can try to find it for you if you can’t locate it. There’s also a JJ blog called Hi-FI Heroin if you are in to real vintage and retro-frankensteins. very cool stuff. These guys would plotz over an original, unmolested WE set up from before we were born.
I heard their speakers at a show. While fairly pleasant, I didn't feel they were worth the high price.

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I've participated in the annual tube tasting weekends.  As Whart mentioned, definitely not mainstream, but lots and lots of fun.

Jonathan is a really good guy.