Pangea 9 vs 9se

I realize that there has been one thread dealing with the Pangea 9se.

I am interested in a comparison between the two.

I owned the 9 version, and sold it because i did not like the treble response.

i would be interested in the 9se, for use with my monoblock amps, if the bass is deeper, fuller and the treble is smoother, compared to the 9.

thanks for your hekp
Have you tried a Shunyata Venom 3? Much better cord than anything in the Pangea line, IMHO.
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Just added an ac-9 to the quintet, another ac-9 to my amp from the quintet, a 14se from the quintet to my dac and another ac 14se from the quintet to my welborne power supply for my wadia 170i. Those are all of the power cords in my system as my lightspeed attenuator runs off a battery pack. I must say that my initial impressions are that my system sounds quite a bit better. More detail, clearer highsand mids, deeper wider soundstage and quite a bit more bass; also perhaps faster with faster attack. Whoever says power cords don't make a difference is full of poop and either can't hear or hasn't tried.
Shunyata Zytron $1,500.00 vs Audio Sensibility Statement $500.00

You will be surprise and get three for one.

You seem to be copying this same post from one thread to another. I wonder what Shunyata and Audio Sensibility have to do with the OP that asks for a comparison between the 2 Pangea cables.
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fan of pangea ac9 as well, ran some cable tests via an ahb2 amp and was very impressed. the bass w the ac9 had a tad more punch than with both kimber pk14 and pk10. it is definitely a darker cable, the midrange lost some detail but still very musical, if your system mids are on the bright side this could be a good thing. where the ac9 fell a little short was upper low range, ie an upright bass had great low range punch but the detail of the plucking of the strings was not as clear as w the kimber cables. the kimber cables had much better top end, airy, additional fequency range and detail. the low end w kimber had some nice defintion but i preferred the punchy ac9. ultimately kept the kimber pk10 but the pangea gave it a run for its money besting it w the punchy bass. for the money the ac9 is a stellar cable. it is relatively cheap, free, easy returns on amazon so your only excuse not trying this is being to lazy to put the time in to improve your system.

Hopefully the OP has found his power cord and is ok. He hasn’t posted since 2014.