passive preamp sub output?

I own an Acurus integrated (DIA 100, MKII). It has "passive" circuitry, and no preamp output. In an ongoing effort to consolidate my HT system and dedicated stereo system (see my other thread!) I want to use it with a sub. However, it doesn't have a preamp output. I tried using the "tape out" output, to no avail. Any ideas/solutions/hope? Much appreciated, Ben
Hmmm -- what's the point of the active x-over since Balthus does NOT have a pre-amp OUTPUT (i.e. you can't drive the active x-over with the power amp's output..)

Balthus: if I understand correctly, you want to drive 2.1 channels from the Acurus?? I.e. say, a cd (two channel stereo) with a subwoof? If so, doesn't yr subwoof have a "low pass" control? If so, you don't need another active x-over.
You DO need a pre out, though.

Or am I totally confused..
1. Go to an auto audio shop or Crutchfield and get a pair of speaker-to-line level adapters. Run these to your powered sub in parallel with your regular speakers.


2. Get a passive sub with speaker-level inputs/outputs
Gregm is not confused, and unless I am, the active crossover idea won't help. Kr4 did motivate me to think a bit further, and the sub has speaker-level inputs, so presumably I could just run speaker cable from the amp to the sub. However, something makes me think that the line level connection would be better quality. True?..and if so, am I better off with the adapters Kr4 mentions, or does their inclusion offset any sonic advantage to using line level vs. speaker level? Thanks guys, Ben
I researched this same subject and went with the view that high level is actually better and the impedance of the sub's plate amp is high enough not to present difficulties to the main amp.
Therefore, simply connect a second run of wire from the amp to the sub high level.
Works for me.
Okay, now tell me this. Let's say I run a second run of wire from my amp to the sub high level, what if I run a line level connector from the pre I'm using for my ht system...I'd have two inputs to the sub, one for stereo use, one for ht use, any harm done? what happens if I accidentally run stereo and ht at the same time? my, said pooh, this stuff sure is complicated! ben