Pathetic range of Topping remote

On one of my systems I have a Topping DX3pro+.  The remote seems to have about a 6 foot range which makes it just about useless. I have seen comments this is sop for topping.  How does SMSL and RME do in this regard?   

Yes, I can do repeaters etc. Shouldn't have to. Yes the batteries are new. I was considering a Do300 for a couple of features in this system.  RME probably overkill but maybe for a different sys.

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my SMSL DAC had good/normal across the room range, never tried more than about 12c feet though...

I deleted my earlier post as some may have been offended by my use of "cheap". I meant economical or entry level. I have an SMSL DAC out in my garage and I do like it. It is hooked up to an older Sony mini system I use out there. 



Thanks, I guess they all use the same stuff so I'll have to make a mess with a repeater. I see lots of "best" you-tubes on repeaters but not a single one did any testing of range or even if the frequencies match. I am used to my TV. AVR, DVD, STB, etc that work across wall bounces from across the room. I thought IR problems had been worked out 10 years ago. 


I think RME might object to being called a cheap brand as they are a semi-pro  company out of Germany.  A step above Focusrite and two above Behringer. They have wider distribution through folks like Sweetwater. Their DAC is about $1200 which I do not consider cheap. Not boutique, but not cheap. My JDS is cheap.@ $99. An Apple dongle is cheap @ $9.   Both good DACs. 

Topping and SMSL are of course the 800 pound CH-FI gorillas, though they make $1000 products now so cheap may not be a good blanket statement anymore. The DX3... is cheap at $200. Fit and finish is now quite good and at least this one did not have the compatibility issues or the glitches the ones I tried a couple years ago had.  4 went back to Amazon. Reason: "crap"  That is when I bought my Schiit and JDS. It is at least good enough that after reducing the input by 3 dB, they don't have the old cursed "digital edge".  High end headphone users may think their resolution is lacking, but not sure on speakers there is much difference.   But what do I know. I only listen to them instead of reading hyperbola on slick sheets and of course they must sound terrible as a 6 inch generic USB cable can't possibly compete with a 1M cable made of mono-crystal-directional 9-9's silver  that costs $50,000. They don't even have a tube in them.  🤣

Not suggesting there are not better sounding DACs. There are for sure are though get a bit pricy.   Chord,  Denafrips, Mola Mola, etc.  I am on the fence if I can justify 2K for a DAC  no matter how good it is.  Maybe. But then I have to buy a preamp with a remote and extra stages don't improve the sound. 


I deleted my earlier post as some may have been offended by my use of "cheap". I meant economical or entry level.

There's trend going on that some words are more harsh then the others. For example you can't say "short" to a person -- you need to say "vertically challenged".

That's how stupidity becomes part of language.

Aside from SQ, Topping's (even the higher end model like D90 variation) menu and operation is primitive / inconvenient and the remote is notorious.  One needs to point directly to the unit within, say, 6-7 ft in order to activate it.  Almost all the models prior to E70 Velvet sound analytical and flat without much SS depth. I had its entry-level models E30 and E50 but sold / return them both.  I also return E70 Velvet because of its poor remote control.

I see one SMSL advertising the remote works over 9 meters.  I gather than means they understand the problem and choose poor performance on other products. 


@soix, great recommend, but the mfrs’ names would drive spouse (and self) beyond distraction....

She’s already of the opin that remotes are some sort of plot to foment the loss of  control over household objects....and I really can’t argue with that, even if an overt overstatement...

Case in point: 3 remotes; one for the flat screen, a 2nd for the DirecTV box, and the 3rd for the mini-fi audio that supplements the screens’ lame speakers...

As bad a ritual as finding, the prep of an LP for play, playing it, repeat for B side, restore to sleeve and stashing...

And haven’t even mentioned ’lighting up’ the kit to play either through it...which is why beloved sig other wants her own ’plug n play’, a novel novelette unto itself....

Reality: "Who dealt this mess, anyway?!" *L*



I've never heard anyone use the term "vertically challenged" until I read it here.

I had not thought about a universal. Kluge overkill just for volume, but it would say if it is the remote or the receiver that is week.  I wonder if I have an old one somewhere.  Yup, found my old Sofa Baton. 

I also live the remote mess in my HT. Sony TV, Anthem AVR, Panasonic BD, and mouse and keyboard on the PC. At least I dumped the STB.  

Sony will never play with Panasonic. Arrogance.  The Sony remote will talk to the Anthem for volume via CEC over the HDMI, but only controls the volume in a small range, so I constantly still need the Anthem remote. I had things working on the Logitech remote ( s) but they all failed in about a year and they dropped them.  Sofa Baton was close, but not there.  The ultra high price, UR etc, with controllers, subscriptions and dealer only config game I am not playing.   Yea a mess. Companies think they are forcing you to buy all their brand but we don;t. Instead, we just get mad at the brands.  CEC was supposed to help but it too is an unregulated incompatible mess.  The entire HDMI world is a just plain stupid cluster f.....    

Got me thinking. I moved everything to the TV using the AVR just as the amp. Maybe with the Sony ( I had a Visio) and no longer a STB, I can get the Anthem to do everything. Naw, it won't know how to switch to the tuner for OTA. 



It's not that I'm vertically challenged ... more like the average guy is vertically unchallenged.  

@61falcon Not everyone had yet a chance to learn language stupidities, but I'm really sure that the term "African American" falls into the same category.

I had an smsl that had the same garbage range..not to mention a lot of crap from many elite/elusive hifi manufacturers as well.

Funny thing is...I have a 50 dollar Google chromecast dongle plugged in/buried behind a cluster fk of things in a rack. Its remote can reach/work perfectly from 20 ft away or more at any freaking angle.i can even talk to it amd make it do all kinds of things (all of that on a 50 dollar device).

These Hifi manufacturer bozos (special olympics level in execution, but are somehow elite/elusive apparently!) should be schooled by Google on how to make a Fing remote control.

That looks nice. It says learning so I'll give one a shot.  I have lost count of how many remotes I have sent back. :)


I combined two remotes into one. I use it to control volume on my integrated and then use the channel and mute button to pause and track advance on my BS Node

Got the 6 key job.  Seems to be about the same marginal range on my new spec- chasing Chinese wonder DAC.  I have not tried it on the Topping.  Spec on the Sabaj  is 16 feet. No spec from Toping.  It did program very easily which I can't say for others I have had.   

Can't say anything on the DAC other than it plug-and-play just fine. Critical listening and comparisons come later.  I have a suspicion that after a certain level, most companies can produce a decent DAC that is above my system or hearing.  

Only set mute and vol. All I need.   I'm encouraged to look for one for my HT.