Peachtree Decco speaker decision help

After a lot of thought I decided to get a Peachtree Audio Decco unit from Peachtree directly for $500. I just ordered it last night so hoping to have it by next week. The system will be used in our family room which opens to the kitchen. 18x18x9 room which opens up to the kitchen. Anyone have thoughts on some bookshelfs for this little Decco? I have read that the unit is best used with speakers in the 87db rating. Looking to spend no more then $400 on speakers. Planning on spending no more the $100 on speaker cable. Some speakers on my short list.

1.) PSB B25
2.) B&W 6 series?
3.) NHT classic 2/3?

Any experiences will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
The power amp on the Decco is its weak part. I'd look towards speakers with 90db efficiency or greater. Klipsch heritage line or more recent refernce line are two that I would consider.

Also I think the Decco has pre-amp outputs on the back, meaning it could be used with a separate and more substantial power amp if needed. I think a lot of Decco users end up going this way from what I have read.
I have Klipsch Ref line in my "man cave". Think I will try them with those just to see how they sound with no additional amp. My set up will be played mostly as back ground music when we are just hanging out, cooking. Thanks!
I'm using Rega R1's (which are 90db, as mapman suggests) with my Decco in a 11x20x9 room, and they're lovely. They're pretty easy to find for under $400, too. I hope you enjoy the Decco as much as I am. Good luck!
Another 90dB choice at around $400 used would be the Triangle Titus ES. I run a pair with my Audio Space tube integrated.
...or Triangle Titus 202. I use those with a tube DAC and a low power vintage Yamaha receiver to very good effect.
Rega R1 is great, look at the Axiom speakers also. Easy to drive and the aluminum drivers are surprisingly smooth. I owned a pair and drove them well with just a little NAD L-40 which is a whopping 20wpr.
I ended up with Focal 706Vs from a fellow audiogon for $300! They sound fantastic.