Perlisten S7t speakers at Axpona

Anyone hear these speakers and your thoughts?


No subs playing, it was a small hotel room and a sub would possibly have overloaded the room IMO.

I heard them at a local dealer's and was underwhelmed.

I had recently read the Stereophile review that described a healthy bass quantity but when I went to listen to them there was an obvious paucity of low end from the Perlisten S7t.

I wondered if it was because it was a "treated room" as opposed to a normal household listening environment.

I'd be interested to hear them again but they were kind of bright and lacked bass for my taste at that initial listen.

Afterward, I listened to the Magico A5 that sounded better for a modestly higher cost than the Perlisten speakers. After that I listened to the Magico M2 and those were even better as they should be for their cost.

I listened to them at axpona and i must have got lucky because the room was nearly empty of attendee’s and I got front and center. I heard enough to want to hear more, while I don’t do subs if a speakers got good output to 50 hz it’s enough for the music I listen to. Simply stereo picked them 

I have them.  Do not need subs.  Flat from 30 kHz to Greater than 16 kHz.  Without subs.   If you have not heard them in your room you do not have an opinion.

In my opinion.