Perpetual Tech P1A

Has anybody tryed a P1A with a 24/96 DAC other than P3A.
I have a TacT RCS 2.0 with a 24/96 non upsampling DAC. I was woundering if adding the P1A, upsampling to 24/96 would help. Also not using the I2S to connect, will that have an effect?
I own the P1-A and use a Levinson 360s with it. It took
my dac to another level. I'm selling the P1-A to purchase
the DCS unit.
Yes, I auditioned a P1A at the New York GES show
it was AMAZING. The Difference was incredible
However, I think you have to make certain they have the software
for your particular speakers
I agree with Mp10019, for speaker correction make sure they have the software for your speakers.

As far as upsampling the current thinking is that it is better to upsample at the transport. Martin Dewulf from Bound for Sound swears by upsampling at the trasport. I have not listen to it, but Dewulf is seldom wrong.

Jaime Candelario
i have used the p1a with a birdland oden-lite. did not find the upsample did much for sound...a little better but not worth the money. i did find that the cd enhance had a dramatic effect on the the good. i do not know what it does though. i would buy one but....the quality of perpet was bad....first unit did not work. i could never get the is2 to work (on replacement). i even burned in the unit for 100 hours as suggested by perpet folks (very nice people). think i will wait to see what else is comming out....24/196 in a p2??? (or some other crazy thing i will have to have). they stated they had several product launches comming out in the near future.

hope this was some help.
one more thought. call them and they will send unit to audition for 30 days (or more if asked). no problems returning mine (p3a too).
I'm using my P1A to upsample and feed my Birdland Odeon-lite. I found the effects very positive. I wrote a review that can be found at-
Point of note on Jvr's post above. I believe to obtain the 30 day trail, you must order direct from Perpetual, or via I bought mine from a dealer that advertises on Audiogon, and was surprised to find out that the 30 day deal didn't apply to my purchase. Not an earth shattering issue for me, but it may be for others who make a purchase. You may wish to ask before you jump.
I have a TACT 2.0 with DA conversion with a P1A and I love what it does. I run three different digital sources into it and they all sound remarkably better.