Phoenix cable?

I see many on the auction, and some are 20% of the original price, see Phoenix "gold" ZPMR4 for only $90 vs list price of $499? No bids! What's up with that? Thanks!
Now I'm not sure about how good these cables are I have never heard them, but I do know a friend that owns a Telcom company and he can get Phoenix Cables from his equipment distributor really cheap. So I'm sure it's someone like that, that is selling it.
The 1990 Audio Magazine buyers guide lists a price of 2 to 4.00 per foot for ZPMR4.
Isn't the Phoenix Gold company, that specialize in car audio? I am curious too, i've seen many Phoenix home audio cable, come and go, without a bid, on the Audiogon auctions? And the price tag: $495!