Phono Pre Advice

I'm in the market for a new phono stage $2,500-$3,500 (or so)
VPI Classic 1, Ortofon Quintet Blue, JPS Labs cables
Current phono pre: Channel Islands PEQ-1 MKII/AC15 MKII power supply. Is is a little "lean" relatively low noise but lacking weight and dynamics

In contention are:
Modwright PH-9 + power supply
Goldnote PH10 + power supply
PS Audio Stellar Phono (when released in September) no option for external power supply
*also love the look of the Thorens tep 302! Anyone heard it?

Thank you for any and all thoughts on those listed or others not on my radar, lots of amazing experience here!!

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I have the Gold Note and am comparing it with my existing LFD LE. The Gold Note is tremendous and its myriad tuning options really help nail the sound you want and that your record demands. I find it's not as expansive as the LFD, though it does dig out upper level details better.

Have you also considered the Parasound JC3+? It's the under-$10K reference for many audio writers.
Thank you!
i do not have a local Herron dealer but I will do as much research as I can, very intriguing and all of their preamps have a stellar reputation 

@simao is the LCD display on the PH 10 distracting to you? Can you defeat it entirely? 

I have have looked at the  Parasound, I have opened a few Halo pieces in the past, looking to go in a different direction, and while not as important as performance, I feel the aesthetic of the Halo line could use and update even if that would add some $$ to the cost.

thx again,
A hair above your budget but the Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl is spectacular.  Full sound, a hair warm and brilliant with Ortofon cartridges though it is $3700.  I would be using this unit with my Cadenza Blue if I wasn’t the importer for Art Audio.  The list of units that beats the MF is short but quite distinguished.  Many MF dealers will probably find the flexibility to fall in your budget.  

The other I would look at is the Rogue Ares Magnum.  In the beefy part of your budget at $2800, it was the unit I was looking at prior to entering the industry.  Rogue makes great equipment and this unit stands out.

Full disclosure, I am an MF dealer so I am a hair biased in it’s favor but MF has a stellar reputation for making great phono stages.  I have no relationship with Rogue.  I am also, obviously a fan of tube phono stages. 

You can turn the OLED display off on the Gold Note.

And the NuVista is quite good, too.
Another vote for the GN & PS combo. It’s just so versatile and if you ever get a second tonearm you’d be all set.
You may want to consider a Luxman E-250.  It's at the low end of your budget but won't sound like it.  Has a built in MC cartridge demagnetizer called the "articulator".  Very even frequency response with dynamics and bass slam to boot.  It's physical attractiveness doesn't hurt.
I'm glad I posted, lots of great feedback...thank you,

I haven't thought of the Luxman, there is a dealer within an hour, as the owner of Accuphase amplification, I appreciate "higher end" Japanese gear. Definitely going on the list
You should choose Luxman tube amp, it sound sweet and thick. But it is difficult to find a really good one because it is vintage item.
Both the Herron VTPH-2 and the Allnic are excellent suggestions. I have owned both and consider them neck and neck. You should be able to find an Allnic H1201 or H1202 in your price range. I have the H1202, and it's very musical. Can't go wrong either way.
@sleepwalker65 If the above is directed at my post, I'm not sure how you mean?

I simply was soliciting feedback on my short list and thoughts on phono stages I may not have yet considered. I did receive some good feedback and am pleased with the results

Happy listening...
@jp-2213     You are in a great place with your budget to consider many fine phono amps!  One other fine benefit of going from a sub $1000 unit to the Luxman E-250 is the vast reduction in the reproduction of pops and clicks as that unit has a much more advanced power supply which can better manage those amusical surface transients.