Pink Floyd The Wall Remasters

With all of the different versions (remasters and imports) of The Wall, which version has the best sound? I believe there is a 1994 remaster and a 2000 remaster. Then there is the Japanese pressing among other import versions. The version I currantly have is a Columbia release and has 1997 on it. I love this recording and want to have it in all of its sonic glory. I would appriciate any thoughts toward this subject. Thanks.
I have three versions of The Wall. The original vinyl album from 1979 in mint condition, a MSFL original master recording CD, and a Japanese mini LP CD that I just purchased used on Audiogon. By far the Mini LP sounds the best to me and they are absolutely cool to look at as it is a 5" x 5" complete replica of the original vinyl album with all inserts, lyrics, and artwork. I have purchased many Japanese mini LP CD and the sound quality has always been impressive. Hope this helps.
There is no 2000 remaster.
The Echoes compilation is the newest remastering(2001) of some older Floyd tracks although they left the Wall tracks as the 1997 versions.
There are '94 and '97 remasters of The Wall, the MSFL version and of course the Shine On Box set versions-I would agree the '97 sounds best but I've never heard the MSFL version.I believe the mini-LP versions from Japan (I have WYWH)are only the '97 versions repackaged to replicate the vinyl.

The last Floyd Remaster was The Final Cut from last year which to my ears was almost indistinguishable from the '97 version.

Rumours persist of a 30th anniversary edition of Wish You Were Here.
The 25th anniversary of The Wall last year went unmarked.
MFSL absolutely sucks boosted bass highs cut, the shine on box version totally kills it hell the regular release kills the mobile fidelity release the echoes version is better than the regular release. Have not heard the mini lp Japanese version so can't comment on it
The Harvest import is the best I've heard. I had the MFSL and sold it. I agree that the MFSL is rather disappointing.
Mejames please explain how the Echoes release betters the regular release (by which I suppose you mean the '97 version)when it is exactly the same!

So often on Audiogon we see talk of remasters and it is very very confused.
ben the regular release I had would have been previous the 97 version your referred to
Mejames that'll be the '94 one and explain why you prefer the Echoes version.

These types of conversations are very common and one of the reasons I started Lugs to at least let folks know when older versions had been surpassed.
I totally agree with everything that Mejames wrote.
The Mobile Fidelity gold CD of The Wall is a total rip off. I bought it at a time when there was no way to listen to the CD before purchase.
The regular version is the only CD version to buy at this time.
Let's hope they put out an XRCD version, which should sound excellent..
Totally off topic but a friend recently got to meet Roger Waters and see his home project studio, of which I saw some pics.

Luckily I have 2 copies of the Japanese LP, so I think I'm done.
i have the original vinyl as well as the mfsl on cd...and sounds like im in the minority here...but the mfsl to me sounds ok...yes the bass is a bit overly ripe and exaggerated but that is kind of a hallmark of older mfsl releases...they need to do a sacd version
I have the original LP,the hybrid sacd,and had 2 mofi lp's,one was poor,sold it.Got one from a friend who bought it as soon as it came out back when on mofi,that's the best one,far better clock and gongs and Money than the cd.I noticed I wide quality on mofi LP's,a lot are bland like a Abbey rd I had,lousy,sold it.Bought my friends which is much better,looks like same LP.
>>08-28-11: Playpen
Got one from a friend who bought it as soon as it came out back when on mofi,that's the best one,far better clock and gongs and Money than the cd.<<

I think the topic is The Wall not Dark Side Of The Moon.

Listening a bit too much to "Brain Damage" huh?

Audiofeil,You are right,I confused the two,sorry,realized my mistake after posting.Imagine how much pot,hash and drugs were smoked listening to Dark side when it came out.

The best LP of The Wall is the UK EMI pressing. I have it! Next and close is the US Columbia original.