pioneer dv38a vs dv47 whats the difference?

seems like the 47 has more features than the 38a but costs much less... what gives? is it true the 38a doesnt play sacd or mp3 but the 47 does? can someone explain the discrepencies and features? pioneer website doesnt do a good job explaining it... -b
You are correct sir. The 47 is also an SACD Multi-channel machine. And unlike it's 5000.00 predecessor it does not mix down the SACD signal to PCM.
I am the owner of a 38A and it's not $5000, you can get it new for about 950.00 (probably less now). The $5000.00 dollar model was the DV-10AX which only supported SACD in stereo, not multi channel. The 38A does also play MP3, though I can't imagine too many audiophiles use it for this. The 47 plays SACD as well as DVD Audio, Video and CD, so it suppports one more format. On the other hand I am told that the build quality is much lower with the 47 than the 38A. I've never matched the two sonically, so I'm not sure how they match up in that respect.
The 10AX was the one I was speaking of when I mentioned the 5000.00 model. And you are correct about the build quality of the 47 being inferior to the 38A.
All the above is true, and I was hot on the trail of a DV-47A (available at about $850), until I learned that they did not fix the chroma bug issue. Dang!
true - but which players dont have the chroma bug? i know the ead doesn't... any others? 0-b
Sorry about the confusion rwwear, to my mind the 38A is the predecessor to the 47A (actually, I would probably believe it was the 37, because of the price point they are aimed at), although I can see the logic behind you thinking it was the 10AX because of the formats supported.
JVC, Panasonic, Camelot, the Sony 7000. Might be some others. Pioneer reputed to be the worst.