Playing DSD files from a memory stick

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So I just got Diana Krall, The Girl InThe so Other Room DSD download and I put it on a memory stick along with a Flac rip of the CD.  Both play well on my HT system, both the on the Sony Blueray and the Denon AVR.

When I plugged the stick into the Oppo in my primary music system, I listened to the first cut of the regular CD and it played just fine, but when I tried the DSD file it wouldn’t see it.

So my question is,  what would be the next logical step so I can listen to DSD files on a memory stick on my primary system?

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Oppos are so past tense. I just ripped all my SACD’s with a $30 BluRay I’ve just acquired. About the same speed as dbPoweramp. Then put the files on a flash drive and play in a streamer. I suspect that most streamers nowadays will pass through DSD. Except for my BluNode. You just need a DAC that can decode it like a $100 Topping. No Schiit.
Gee whiz fuzz,

I didn’t mention the Oppo is going to a Schiit Bifrost Multi.  
I had a 105 and it died years ago and now I have a 93.  The spinner works just fine and it does read sacs, but it doesn’t see DSD files.

Maybe I’ll look for another 103/105 because I do still use sacd’s and I’m probably not going to get into streaming.

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How exactly is paying for Roon going to play the DSD tracks the OP has already acquired?
Maybe GIK will work.

A streamer and DAC for <$500 will play DSD with better SQ than an Oppo playing anything.
Schitt don’t DSD. What you thinkin’?

I’m guessing that the 93 just can’t read DSD.  Can you connect some other reader, such as a PC with a usb input, for the DSD files?
rego, Thanks for the link. It doesn’t mention my Oppo, so now, I’m thinking about something new.

mahler, yes.  My AVR and Sony Blueray play it just fine.  I’m thinking I need to update my spinner and just started looking at the Yamaha -S2100, but I’m just beginning my search.

All the best.