Please recommend new headphones for listening to Qobuz on iPhone

I've been streaming Hi-Res music from Qobuz on my iPhone, attached (with the camera adaptor, of course) to an iFi hip-dac. My headphones are an old pair of AKG K240 Mk IIs. I've been having some fun, surprisingly -- I'm not much of a headphone guy, actually -- to the point that I'm wondering about upgrading the 'phones.

Let's say I was willing to spend about $400, and was looking for clarity, soundstage, cymbals that sound like cymbals instead of like, well, like tin cans.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

Also, if a bit more scratch -- another hundred or so -- could yield a whole lot more musical enjoyment, I'd be happy to hear about that, too.

Thanks very much.

-- Howard

You will NEVER find a pair of headphones for less $ & get better performance than the HiFiMan "HE-400i"for about $200.00...Moving up to $350.00 moves you into the "Sundara"with better construction materials & slightly better performance your rig may or may not show..Both these headphones are open back so they leak a LOT of sound..If you need better isolation you need closed back & will loose soundstage & maybe muddy the bass a touch..For closed backs I have no good recommendations except Google...
I’ll second the 400i’s. They are a little shy on the bass but no arguments about the detail and the sound field .
massdrop has loads of good priced high quality goods.
I also bought schiit stack for another couple hun.
haha, then I bumped into the in-ear-monitor field.
what a rabbit hole this is!!

i never imagined this being a thing. But
let me tell you. You want hi end sound!! Holy smoke pick up a pair of Starfield Moondrops, they’ll blow your mind. And they are only another hun.
ive had 14,000 buck speaks and will never do that again.
the IEMs give detailed, cymbals are cymbals!!!
no strain with any instrument.
They isolate you almost completely from the world.
looking for clarity, soundstage, cymbals that sound like cymbals instead of like, well, like tin cans.
Another vote for HifiMan.  I was looking for the same things, and I play drums so I’m very sensitive to how cymbals are reproduced.  I’m using the 400S with a Dragonfly Red and am very happy with what I’m hearing and suspect you would be too.  Moving up to the 400i or Sundara I’m sure gets you even more.  Best of luck. 

Out of my iPhone I use the Airpod Max and it sounds very good to my ears, and it takes calls 
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If you can spend $500, you'll LOVE the HiFiMan Edition XS. Clarity, air and a bit of treble "sparkle" that matches cans upward of $1,000.

Otherwise, I recommend the HiFiMan HE-400se. Excellent entry-level planar-magnetic headphones for $129.

Sennheiser HD6XX also are excellent for $225 at