plexi cover swirl remover

Can scratches and swirls be removed from a plexi cover? I am hoping there is a product that can improve old, mistreated covers.
The Novas #2 works wonders


and it should be followed by Novas # 1


I hope this helps.
Most pet stores that carry acrylic/plexi aquariums carry inexpensive scratch remover kits. I have used them in the past with pretty good results. Start with the fine polish first though (it might be all you need) and be sure to use a really clean soft cloth (old tee shirt works well) for apply and buffing the plexi.
As mentioned, Novus makes products for this, and so does folks like Mequiars, which is commonly found in good auto parts stores.

Other products that can be used with very good success, are clear coat compatible liquid rubbing compound, and clear coat hand/machine Glazes. Finish with a good wax, or Zaino works wonderfully for a sealer-finish gloass.

If the dust covers have any seams, typical to covers like VPI, and perhaps Ginko, stay away from the seams-edges with any of the above mentioned products! It will seep into the seams, dry, and turn white, and you'll never get it out. Mark