Polarity: Jadis and Luxman.

I know this was mentioned here and there but perhaps it should be said more strongly: some Jadis components invert polarity.

I have had many Jadis amps and preamps in my life and never thought of trying to change polarity because it was not mentioned in the manual. However, the other day I tried to invert polarity with my Jadis JA30 (mark I) and DPL preamp, and the change was unbelievable: This 30W amp suddenly sounded like a 100W, with a huge soundstage and deep deep bass.

I don't know if you will experience the same thing, but I think it is worth trying.

Now, while I am on the topic of Polarity, I should perhaps mention that Luxman components invert XLR polarity. Apparently they use a polarity common in other Japanese manufacturers like Accuphase where the hot is pin 3 instead of 2. So, if you connect an American or European component via its XLR output to a Luxman, you will need to invert the polarity somehow. In my Luxman c900u there is a switch on the remote, and this can change the polarity with respect to input or output XLR connections.